Patch: New message quick action

Adds a quick action to create a new message.


Supports all languages on Jolla, using default translation files.

Requires patchmanager

Upon a request on TJC
Thanks @lakutalo for his idea to edit the dbus service.

Donations are welcome ;)

DynCal Italian holidays

Extension for DynCal featuring Italian holidays. More info here.


If you like my work, please consider to donate via PayPal.

DynCal dynamic calendar icon

Your calendar icon will show you the current day of the month. Works on Sailfish OS 2.0.2+.

You can simply customize the icons (to change icon pack or add your own holidays) by following these steps.

Patch: Volume control settings

It's recommended to uninstall pre-0.4 versions before installing the newer ones.

Adds advanced settings for volume control to Sounds and feedback.


It's featuring:


LiveTrack is an Sailfish application for continuous logging of location coordinates, designed to record hiking, biking tracks and other outdoor activities. Track points are uploaded at chosen intervals to dedicated server in real time. This client works with Nextcloud Phonetrack Extension , Traccar, and everything that supports the Osmand Get Api . Together they make a complete self owned and controlled client–server solution.

Gstreamer 1.14.4 (JollaPhone & X)

derived from + Jolla-git1 Patches + merge-request!3 + BUGID#796846-patch + BUGID#796745-patch

requires: orc, opus bz2 ssl, libgcrypt, libexif (all availabe in official repo), Snapdragon ≥ 400(Jolla1 , Fairphone2 , Fairphone 2 ,Turing... [should work with SailfishX XperiaX , too ; but this is not tested]) Aquafish/JollaC NOT SUPPORTED(cortex-A7-CPU)!


Native SailfishOS app for the Mooshimeter BluetoothLE Multimeter.

Please note, that this app is in early development, there are still plenty of features missing compared to the official android app. In particular it only works with Mooshimeter firmware versions starting with 147xxx.


This app is intended for Dutch users only

Welkweer is a dutch app, providing weather info for the Netherlands. The info is mainly from, but also from

It currently supports:


This is beta version of hotel booking service.

You can search hotel by name or list of hotels by coordinates or name of location.

You can open booking link in app or external browser and book selected hotel via agencies.

Please, check settings to set up opening links.

Source code


Navit is a open source (GPL) car navigation system with routing engine.

It's modular design is capable of using vector maps of various formats for routing and rendering of the displayed map. It's even possible to use multiple maps at a time.

The user interface is designed to work well with touch screen displays. Points of Interest of various formats are displayed on the map.

The current vehicle position is read from gps

The routing engine not only calculates an optimal route to your destination, but also generates directions and even speaks to you.


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