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Client for the ownCloud/Nextcloud News App. Successor of ocNews.
by Kormil
Application for checking the current state of air quality. Powietrze takes current state of air quality from: * * *...
Apocalypse is an application for showing messages from german warning services like DWD, MOWAS, BIWAPP and KATWARN. Never miss the apocalypse in...
gPodder downloads and manages free audio and video content ("podcasts") for you. Listen directly on your computer or on your mobile devices. Requires...
by flypig
The FOSDEM'23 schedule on your Sailfish OS phone. Browse the tracks, peruse the talk descriptions, favourite the talks you want to attend to create a...
by kuba77
Third party app for The Guardian. The app uses official API "the Guardian Open Platform" for content (editors picks articles). API access is limited...
Ukrainska Pravda is a Ukrainian online newspaper founded by Georgiy Gongadze on 16 April 2000 (the day of the Ukrainian constitutional referendum)....
by ade
This app is intended for Dutch users Welkweer is a Dutch app, providing weather info for the Netherlands. The info is mainly from, but...
Hafenschau is an unoffical content viewer for for SailfishOS. I am not the publisher or creator of the content displayed in this...
An unofficial Hacker News client. This application is also available via Chum. or Bitcoins. Source code on GitHub.
by joeysys
A simple selfoss client About selfoss: The multipurpose rss reader, live stream, mashup, aggregation web application Features...
This is a re-launch of a simple SFOS qml app against The old app was called News Aggregater and available on the Jolla store. In order...
by mkiol
Multi aggregators mobile feed reader Kaktus requires backend service (an aggregator). Currently following RSS aggregators are supported: Netvibes Old...
Gismeteo - great weather app, still works in 2022. Also available for Symbian. Choose your favourite city or add your location (by tapping on the...
by cnlpete
ttrss is a Tiny Tiny RSS Reader App for the Nokia N9 and Jolla smart phone, written using Qt/QML. It uses the Tiny Tiny RSS API.
by rob_k
Show a slide show of 10 news photos from The Guardian, "Photo highlights of the day", and also from Der Spiegel, "Bilder des Tages" and Dutch news...
A simple Cnbeta client  Thanks cnbeta1's API and cnBeta reader at Oschina --------------------------------------------- 一个简易的cnbeta客户端 感谢 Oschina ...
by vasvlad
MeeCast - multiplatform highly customizable open source weather forecast client based on OMWeather code
by gbour news reader (tech news in french). This application is distributed under GNU GPLv3 license. Application source code is available at...
by vasvlad
MeeCast - multiplatform highly customizable open source weather forecast client based on OMWeather code
AiTi之家是IT之家(的第三方实现。 目前可以查看资讯与评论,圈子内容后续添加。评论功能可能不会添加。 图标由 旺仔狂魔 制作。
Update python3-lxml only for SailfishOS >! Watch results and rankings of european soccer leagues! This application shows results and...
by Morc
Note: This application is mainly for Slovak users of Sailfish OS. I didn't even intend translating this into English (maybe sometimes, but not in the...
by halftux
News/podcast aggregator cuteNews is a user-friendly news and podcast aggregator than can be extended via plugins. This version is for openssl1.1.0...