gPodder downloads and manages free audio and video content ("podcasts") for you. Listen directly on your computer or on your mobile devices. Requires...
by zuyev
Православные молитвослов и календарь (1901-2099). Языки: русский, английский (только молитвослов), болгарский (только молитвослов). Orthodox prayer...
by olf
FlowPlayer is a music player with lyrics support, online radio and 10-band equalizer.               
A notepad editor in lua / Löve. Very simple functionality, you can type notes and text, save them and it loads saved text automatically on start. You...
Originally created as a level editor for my remake of Fish fillets, made standalone afterwards. It can not only work as a level editor and the export...
Animated spring screensaver using several algorithms and shaders such as: (Reynolds' boids) for the birds...
by szopin
Aarch64 build of
Muchkin Muchkin allows you to unify the icons of the web applications pinned to your app drawer so that they all have a style more in line with the...
by slava
Sharing plugin for converting text to QR or Aztec code. Works with e.g. Jolla Notes, Browser and Contacts. Source code:
by ade
Cronie contains the standard UNIX daemon crond that runs specified programs at scheduled times and related tools. It is the default cron on...
by ade
BarWal in a way is a continuation of ClubCode, as extending ClubCode is not easy to do and the data storage system is not very flexible. BarWal (...
by slava
Barcode reader for Sailfish OS. Based on the original CodeReader app by Steffen Förster. At some point the original one just stopped working and I...
Unofficial Pebble smartwatch support for Sailfish. Rockpool is a port of the Ubuntu Touch application RockWork, which is a port of the Sailfish...
by lpr
in SFOS 4.5 jolla switched default rpm package compression to zstd. Older versions of SFOS need a zstd-enabled version of rpm to install those...
by dev_nis
ATTENTION: I am NOT the original developer of this application, all credit goes to @eugenio. I only edited this app to make it work on modern...
Watchlist allows you to track your favorite stocks in a watchlist. Features are
Unoficial Yandex Music Application source:  
by hb9hei
Show current GPS Position as Maidenhead Locator (used in HAM Radio). Also show GPS position as latitude, longitude and altitude. Locator can be...
by rubdos
This package allows sharing images with your Whisperfish contacts. This version works on SailfishOS lower than 4.3, from 3.0 to 4.2.
by rubdos
This package allows sharing images with your Whisperfish contacts. This version works on SailfishOS starting at version 4.3.
by rubdos
Whisperfish is an advanced but unofficial Signal client. Whisperfish should be in a usable state for many users, but is still considered beta quality...
64 bit version of nobody asked for it but now i do need it i did loose some versions, so...
Native unofficial songkick client   If you are into concerts, then is definitely the best site to visit. It has all the venues from the...
by kan
A combined block list for DNScrypt-proxy or DNS alternative. Block list was generated by from github Combining-...