by ade
Sailunit offers an insight into the various systemd unitfiles Needs (at least) systemd 225+git5-1.15.2 (SFOS build for displaying unitfile...
OUTDATED! Upgrade to upstream version from: This application repo will be removed soon.
by flypig
A totally unofficial UI for get_iplayer, the unofficial tool for accessing BBC iPlayer TV and radio programmes. This version should work without the...
Source Sans Pro font pack for Sailfish OS. You must have my theme pack support installed. You can make your own pack following these steps. Released...
Native unofficial songkick client IMPORTANT: When updating from version 2.1 to 2.2 or higher, you will need to update your db. DB will be migrated...
It enables an Xperia-like clock in the lockscreen. It works with LPM too. Tested on the Jolla C and the Jolla Tablet. Request a new language or...
Numix Circle icon pack for Sailfish OS. Compatible with DynCal and DynClock.
Nokia Pure fonts and sounds for Sailfish OS. You must have UI Themer installed to be able to use it. This is just fan made, unofficial stuff, I am...
Xenlism Wildfire icon pack for Sailfish OS.
Sailfishfy changes your Android app icons to resemble Sailfish OS ones.
Evolve Plus icon pack for Sailfish OS. Icons by WanMonstar and Nfanliver. Icons are released under Creative Common BY-NC-SA 4.0.
by ade
Small fixes and improvements on top of additional work of Abranson and Rinigus, for people who still prefer System Monitor over systemdatascope   The...
by ade
InfraView displays info about your current network environment. Currently offering: External IP info Local IP info Devices in network (nmap) ARP...
by ade
Based on butaca released by lukedirtwalker for Sailfish OS, but with better scaling added for none Jolla 1 devices. Tablet build now also included....
by ade
Timer app offering 3 timers, inspired by my Maemo 5 (Fremantle) cooktimer creation. Supports hours/minutes/seconds. Alarms are displayed via the...
by theyosh
This app will monitor your WiFi connection. And when it is not connected to a trusted network, it will shutdown your wifi device. The idea is that...
This is a shopping list app, implemented according to my wife's requirements. But you can also use it as a task list. That's what i do. 
* Note! Versions 1.9.x are compatible with Uitukka, Vaarainjarvi and newer (>=1.10.38) Sailfish OS releases only! * *Use version 1.8.0 if you are...
by korppi
SecureFishNet is OpenVPN client manager for Sailfish. You can manage openvpn connection with it. It requires Openvpn and that will be downloaded from...
by ade
ExifTool is a customizable set of Perl modules plus a full-featured commandline application by Phil Harvey for reading and writing meta information...
by pamoedo
GNU Wget Introduction to GNU Wget GNU Wget is a free software package for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS the most widely-used...
by pamoedo
ProtonVPN client tool for Linux How to use it: To initialize the ProtonVPN Linux client, type this: devel-su protonvpn-cli -init OR (alias) devel-...
by R1tschY
Alternative Sailfish OS client for KDE Connect. Connect to your laptop or desktop computer and share things.
Sailread - this is unofficial native GoodReads ( client for SailfishOS. With this client you can see what books your...