About OpenRepos

Get started

OpenRepos is a community driven personal repository system for Harmattan and Sailfish operating systems.

The easiest way is to install a client app that will allow to search, install and update packages from OpenRepos.

Take a look at categories, tags, likes, stars and comments to see which apps may interest you.

Give feedback

If you are user, register at OpenRepos to rate, comment and stuff applications. And if you are very active user, apply for being a moderator.

Become a contributor

If you are a developer, register at OpenRepos and create your own personal repository with just one step! Your personal repository will be created within 1-2 mins after you create and upload your first architecture specific program package! Remember, we are growing, specifing right tags, category helps to find your application. We need your applications!

Create personal repository for your very own trusted applications, populate it with new version of software, rare applications found on the web, write description in format of review, and if your applications are cool, and you upload mainstream version, people will enable your repository!

To enable developer custrom repository, you should visit developer's profile page and follow the instruction.
The general scheme is the following: 
Harmattan repo: "deb http://harmattan.openrepos.net/developername personal main"
Sailfish repo: "http://sailfish.openrepos.net/developername/".

History of OpenRepos

OpenRepos was created when OBS Meego has been closed, and lots of developers lack the place for personal repositories, where they can store and release ther software. OpenRepos provides a tiny repository which can be enabled on your device.

Regards, Basil.