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Say hello to Wunderfitz, your dictionary and translation app! Wunderfitz supports dictionary export files and already includes the...
Taskulaji - A Sailfish OS client for Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility With Taskulaji you can send observations to the database of Finnish...
by sigurg
Native SailfishOS app for the Mooshimeter BluetoothLE Multimeter. Please note, that this app is in early development, there are still plenty of...
by mkiol
Offline reader for Wikipedia and other Wiki projects
In addition to BeamCalc here is another practical app that makes your building projects easy. Just type in some basic dimensions and calculate the...
Have you ever wanted to take your hobby building projects to the next level? This engineering app may help you to design a carport, a hut, a little...
by syrja
Sailfish port of SpeedCrunch calculator. Based on the original port by @qwazix. Updated to the latest SpeenCrunch engine and fixed UI for Sailfish X...
SailfishOS application to access the OpenSenseMap You will also need python3-requests (e.g. from birdzhang's repository) in order to use this...
by eatdirt
Xplanet is an image renderer of the Earth and other Solar System objects. Azimuthal, Mercator, Mollweide, orthographic, or rectangular projections...
choose a RGB colour from sliders for red, green and blue – optionally: use HSL values (hue, saturation and lightness) This simple app lets you choose...
A simple Hiragana (Japanese syllabary) trainer for SailfishOS containing four test modes:
A simple Katakana (Japanese syllabary) trainer for SailfishOS containing four test modes:
by aviarus
For tablets with sfos version, because this is the recent onda port. I compiled this port from Mnemosyne (a spaced repetition flashcard...
by aviarus
I compiled this port from Mnemosyne for Sailfish arm and I modified it to support Htmltags to be able to include pictures (maybe only paths to the...
GCompris is a high quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. Some of the activities are game...
by Matsav
Stellarium SFM Stellarium SFM is fork of Stellarium Mobile adapted to work on new Sailfish devices, such as Xperia X etc. If you like my work and...
by kif
AstroCalc is ment as the amateur astronomers pocket book, containing everything you need to plan a night watching the sky. Currently AstroCalc can...
by halftux
Ti85 emulator. You will need a rom file, it is not included. After starting the application you need to switch the calculator on with the ON button....
by fruct
This application is an engineering graphical calculator, an indispensable tool for students in high school, college and graduate school, or just for...
Oblique calculates range, height, flight time, and components of the initial velocity of a projectile. Launch of Projectile A particle is thrown with...
by cfr34k
Messwerk shows and plots values from the different sensors of your phone. It currently supports: Accelerometer Gyroscope Rotation Magnetometer Light...
by grib
Poems collection of great Mayakovsky
by Ygriega
An application for tracking the women's cycle. Displays the menstruation, ovulation and PMS days in the calendar. Supports multiple profiles. Color...
by pavi
Telugu Quotes Quotes in Telugu language displayed as cards. Usage: Just swipe to get to the next quote. Source :