Last Added Applications

by alina
Check the required SFOS version in package file names Adds features to Messages app:
by shellkr
Fish like syntax highlighting for Zsh 1.) To enable add this line at the end of ~/.zshrc: source /usr/share/zsh/plugins/zsh-syntax-highlighting/zsh-...
by Sthocs
Find a bike in your city! This app provides a simple interactive map displaying all bike share stations by city, their number of available bikes and...
SailfishOS Club is a native client for Sailfishosclub is an unoffice Chinese community,not for profit Thanks for these...
Right handed tabs button for sailfish browser's toolbar Built on Jolla1 - may or may not work correctly on other devices - YMMV. ToDo: Spacing/...
by kempe
Received is a unofficial client for (,  for streaming internet radio. Features for now: Switch player layout Basic playback control...
by ade
Timekeeper gives the opportunity to make a list of city clocks from around the world, much like worldclock. Although it might be a bit more...
Matriksi is an unofficial client for Sailfish OS. Work in progess, this is still in Alpha stage ! Thanks go to r0kk3rz, Anttsam for all...
by Wedmer
This is a build of unreleased 0.2.3 version from ftp branch. For now there's no support for new dropbox api. Also it may have decreased functionality...
Read before installing For Sailfish OS 2.1 and above. It requires Theme pack support to be installed. Refresh the homescreen to apply settings....
by wdehoog
shoutcast-sailfish is a simple SHOUTcast browser and player for SailfishOS Features:   * Browse by Genre   * List Top 500   * Search by 'Now Playing...
Laufhelden is a sport tracking application for Sailfish OS. Laufhelden is german, meaning run heros. I made this app mainly because Meerun is not...
Pan Bikes is an application for Sailfish OS to view the locations and real-time occupancy of city bike stations. It primarily uses the API...
by Ancelad
Combination of many statusbar patches:
by ade
Fork of the Unit Converter application for Sailfish OS. This application allows user to convert values from one unit type to another. Supported unit...
by cnlpete
ttrss is a Tiny Tiny RSS Reader App for the Nokia N9 and Jolla smart phone, written using Qt/QML. It uses the Tiny Tiny RSS API.
by ellefj
FBReader is an e-book reader. It supports most open e-book formats, and can read compressed e-book archives. This is a (beta) release of the...
by NielDK
Tor is a connection-based low-latency anonymous communication system. Clients choose a source-routed path through a set of relays, and negotiate a "...