Last Added Applications

Imageworks is an application for image manipulation on Sailfish OS. It offers free and fixed ratio cropping, rotation, resizing/scaling, effects,...
by zuyev
Православные молитвослов и календарь. Языки: русский, английский. Orthodox prayer book and calendar. Language Russian, English (prayer book)
A cute and relaxing mobile game where you hit color-coded balls. Project link: Thaks to @barichello for...
by velox
This open source application starts "pkcon refresh", usually inside fingerterm (developer mode terminal). If fingerterm isn't found, it tries to do...
by direc85
0.6.12-BETA This version contains major changes but should still work well - please test and comment below! Version 0.6.12 is a beta release: I'm...
by direc85
Theme Tool for Sailfish OS is a little handy utility to check out the details of your current ambience. It shows sizes and colors of various elements...
Porting from OpenSUSE.
by kravich
A Sailfish port of the DeadBeef audio player. NEW: Option to pause playback when wired/BT headset is unplugged and to resume playback when headset is...
Quickbar enables access to the most recently used apps directly from the lockscreen and the task switcher. Launch your favourite app in seconds!...
You are an wizard, who can only cast spells. You have a dungeon and you want to explore it all, down to the Bottom - 100th level of dungeon. Draw...
by slava
Application for counting whatever. Supports multiple counters, two of which can be shown on the active cover. Inspired by this iOS app. Source code:...
Watchlist allows you to track your favorite stocks in a watchlist. Initial features are Add / Remove Stocks to your watchlist Search for new stocks...
by blizzz
Nextcloud Talk for Sailfish OS (Alpha) is in a very early stage. At the moment it supports multi-account chat. The code is available at https://...
by sarkh
Journey planner for Helsinki, Tampere & Turku area - fork of Jopas originally forked from Meegopas. Features:
by halftux
Python 3.5.9 for Maemo 5 with openssl 1.1.0h this is an experimental package for testing, contains everything in one package. I would recommend to...
by noelnh
A Pixiv client for SailfishOS. Pixiv( is an online artist community where members can browse and submit works, join official contests, and...
by piggz
Donations: Companion application for the Huami Amazfit Bip, Cor, MiBand2/3 and GTS ***PLEASE READ BEFORE UPDATING TO 0.9.0...
by halftux
News/podcast aggregator cuteNews is a user-friendly news and podcast aggregator than can be extended via plugins. This version is for openssl1.1.0...