Last Added Applications

by noonien
This project is about extending gabble, the Telepathy XMPP connection manager. While mainline gabble is quite conservative in its XMPP features, some...
by coderus
Great application allows you to do: share media from sailfish applications to android ones share media from android applications to sailfish ones use...
by diater
功能: 读取TXT文件中的ssr链接(每条ssr链接单独一行)[使用的SSR解析器:PySSRL] 测试延迟和丢包率[使用终端ping命令获取,由于权限问题,使用前需要在终端下输入 devel-su usermod -a nemo -G net_raw ]...
by coderus
Application fot streaming screen over network. Designed for presentations, application send only changed frames. After connect you have to do...
by korppi
SecureFishNet is OpenVPN client manager for Sailfish. You can manage openvpn connection with it. It requires Openvpn and that will be downloaded from...
This is a simple app to manage and run often used shell commands without using the terminal. It comes with some ready to use presets to show all...
Makes "three fingers volume control" feature available for all screen sizes. ATENTION: To install version, please uninstall any other...
by beidl
Allows you to easily access your NextCloud, ownCloud and WebDav instances with a native Free Software application. For automatic camera photo backup...
by beidl
NOTE: Requires GhostCloud from the Jolla store or OpenRepos. Provides additional functionality for GhostCloud: * Daemon to automatically back up...
by osetr
Unofficial native client for Sailfish OS
by ade
Fork of Thanks Penguin for all his work on this! Emoji keyboard extension for SailfishOS with...
by ade
This app is intended for Dutch users only Welkweer is a dutch app, providing weather info for the Netherlands. The info is mainly from
Inconsolata font pack for Sailfish OS. You must have my theme pack support installed. You can make your own pack following these steps. Released...
by omnight
Phonehook is a multi-purpose Sailfish application to enhance phone functionality.   Caller Lookup Information will appear in an overlay on top of the...
Tweaks for the Jolla e-mail client in SailfishOS Based on my previous works published on Thanks to favracaro for patch idea
by equeim
Simple music player for Sailfish OS. Licensed under GPLv3. Source code: Translations:
by ade
Small fixes and improvements on top of additional work of Abranson and Rinigus, for people who still prefer System Monitor over systemdatascope   The...
by Marius
This is a very simple application which calculates relativistic beta and gamma factors, magnetic rigidity and some other properties of ion beams. The...