DNS alternative

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A DNS alternative system with support for encrypted DNS protocols and ad blocklist.

Version:   BETA

A package that combine connman, dnsmasq and DNSCrypt-proxy into one comprehensive DNS system.

For arm64 phone  a CHUM repository should be enabled to install a dnsmasq package.                                    For arm phone a dnsmasq openrepos should be enabled to install a dnsmasq package. 

Use for SFOS >=4.5. This package requires and installs DNSCrypt-proxy and DNScrypt-proxy blocklist packages as well.

Configuration files:

/etc/dnsmasq.d/dnscrypt-proxy.conf       - enables dnsmasq as DNS server (@ and redirects requests for external names to dnscrypt-proxy (@
/etc/dnsmasq.d/dns-cache.conf            - enables DNS cache for dnsmasq
/etc/systemd/system/connman.service.d/override.conf - disables /etc/resolv.conf management in Connamn
/etc/tmpfiles.d/connman_resolv.conf - makes symlink /etc/resolv.conf -> /var/lib/dnsmas/resolv.conf
edit: it is relinking /etc/resolv.conf  after a phone reboot
/var/lib/dnsmasq/resolv.conf - sets a DNS server to -s /etc/resolv.conf var/lib/dnsmasq/resolv.conf)
/var/lib/dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-proxy.toml.dnsmasq - after renaming to .toml changes dnscrypt-proxy to address to ( edit dnscrypt-proxy.toml for configuration of dnscrypt-proxy )
/var/lib/dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-blocklist-names.txt - list of blocked domains (edit&remove line with domain you want to unblock)
/var/lib/dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-proxy.toml.dnsmasq - changes dnscrypt-proxy to address to after renaming to .toml


Uninstalling a DNS alternativeDNSCrypt-proxy and DNScrypt-proxy blocklist packages reverts default DNS service as well.

Emergency manual recovery procedure:
rm -f /var/lib/environment/connman/nodnsproxy.conf
rm -f /etc/systemd/system/connman.service.d/override.conf
systemctl stop dnsmasq
systemctl disable dnsmasq
systemctl restart connman

That package should set DNS and /etc/hosts usage for AlienDalvik as well. 

If there are troubles with uninstalling:
touch /etc/resolv.conf
echo '' > /etc/resolv.conf
and reinstall the package.

A dnsmasq-2.86 is broken for armv7hl. Please, install dnsmasq-2.76 instead. A  'dnsmasq.service' file is installed if missing.

Application versions: 
File harbour-dns-alternative-0.9-6.noarch.rpm31.58 KB25/02/2023 - 22:13
File harbour-dns-alternative-0.9-8.noarch.rpm32.15 KB01/03/2023 - 19:50

* Wen Mar 01 2023 kan 0.9-8

- relinking /etc/resolv.conf

- adds dnsmasq.service if missing

* Sun Feb 25 2023 kan 0.9-6

- noarch compilation

- change /etc/resolv.conf management

* Tue Feb 21 2023 kan 0.9-5
- add missing requirement: dnscrypt-proxy-blacklist

* Mon Feb 20 2023 kan 0.9-4
- fix run issues

* Sun Feb 19 2023 kan 0.9-3
- fix uninstalling issue due to the missing /etc/resolv.conf

* Sun Feb 19 2023 kan 0.9
- first release to openrepos


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There seems to be issues installing on

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What kind of issues? Have you got CHUM installed? First install or update?