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Last Added Applications

Pyrrha is a cute Pandora Radio client. It allows to listen to your stations, love and ban songs and add new stations. A proxy can be configured in...
by omnight
Phonehook is a multi-purpose Sailfish application to enhance phone functionality. Now also for Android:
by sarkh
Journey planner for Helsinki & Tampere area - fork of Jopas originally forked from Meegopas. Features:
by Ygriega
An application for tracking the women's cycle. Displays the menstruation, ovulation and PMS days in the calendar. Supports multiple profiles. Color...
by ade
This app is intended for Dutch users only Welkweer is a dutch app, providing weather info for the Netherlands. The info is mainly from
by ade
Control your MiLight (or compatible) RGBW led light bulb via a connected WiFi receiver bridge. Should work with the following brands of RGBW light...
Poor Maps is an application for Sailfish OS to display tiled maps (e.g. OpenStreetMap), places and routes with a flexible selection of data and...
Pan Transit is an application for Sailfish OS to view departures from public transport stops. It is designed to support multiple different providers...
Real-time locations of Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) public transport vehicles. The realtime data comes from the Digitransit HSL MQTT API, which is...
Helsinki Transit Stops is an application for Sailfish OS to show departures from Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) public transportation stops. Source...
Locations and real-time occupancy of Helsinki city bike stations. Included are all Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) city bike stations. Data is real-...
Shmoose - Xmpp Client for Sailfish OS What you get is: - One to one messaging - Sent and received status of messages - Notifications on new messages...
by ellefj
FBReader is an e-book reader. It supports most open e-book formats, and can read compressed e-book archives. This is a (beta) release of the...
"Editor." is feature-rich text/code editor! This version is initial and a bit bugged(!) but I want to get feedback to continue my work. This app is...
by alina
It's recommended to uninstall pre-0.4 versions before installing the newer ones. Adds advanced settings for volume control to Sounds and feedback. 2....
by vasvlad
Event's view for MeeCast
by veskuh
Tweetian for Sailfish OS is a port of popular MeeGo/Symbian application Tweetian to Sailfish OS. Tweetian is open source and licensed under GPL v3....
by equeim
Remote GUI for transmission-daemon. Licensed under GPLv3. Source code: