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Last Added Applications

by jobe
NEWS: Added Keepass 2 write support Please report any problems you might have here. I use this version to test Keepass 2 write support with a wider...
"Editor." is feature-rich text/code editor! List of current features:
by fooxl
The package contains the binary downloaded from Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open,...
Portuguese kb + Color Emoji ( Require : harbour-dolphin-keyboard >= 1.3-2 ) Before installation you must to enable saberaltria repository. You can...
by dpurgin
Native voice call recorder for SailfishOS. The latest version is 0.7.1. This application requires SailfishOS >= 2.0.4. This application is...
by Ygriega
Piepmatz is a Twitter client for Sailfish OS Welcome to Piepmatz - the new Twitter client for Sailfish OS! Already now, it supports many features...
by Ygriega
Wunderfitz is a mobile dictionary application for offline use, supporting dictionary export files and including the Heinzelnisse Norwegian-...
Triple languages (Hebrew-English-Russian) with switcher + Color Emoji ( Require : harbour-dolphin-keyboard >= 1.3-2 ) Before installation you must...
by lpr_A7
The mpg123 distribution contains an MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 audio player/decoder for layers 1, 2 and 3 (most commonly MPEG 1.0 Layer 3 aka MP3), as well as...
Watch results and rankings of european soccer leagues! This application shows results and standings of european football leagues. Use the pulley...
Unofficial songkick client If you are into concerts, then is definately the best site to visit. It has all the venues from the big to...
by Ancelad
This patch will replace "Locked"-label to your faith text and enable trusted-number call function. Compatible with default devicelock. Features:...
Unoffical Instagram client for Sailfish. Fork of sailgrande. Current features:
This is simple and quick file backup that can do it automatically in the specific time, one way sync by rsync command (for example from internal...
by gbour
Reader for news (french tech news).   This application is distributed under GNU GPLv3 license. You can download its source code at...
This is a little funny app drawing a small little Tux (linux mascott) assistant on the screen which lives on your multitasking (home) view.  You can...
by ade
Acid-pass (pronounced "SSID"-pass) is an application to show your stored Wi-Fi password. Warning It takes root privileges to find the passwords. This...
by ckazzku
Simple expense manager. Source: It is possible to import data from the Expense application (