New category 'Public Transport' added!

New category 'Public Transport' added!

It is intended to be used for all public transport timetables and transport guides.

If you think that any other application categories should be added, feel free to use website feedback form.

Last Added Applications

by Karry
OSM Scout for Sailfish is map viewer with search and navigation, fully functional without internet connection.
by direc85
ToeTerm is a terminal emulator, which is based on ThumbTerm and FingerTerm code base, but designed to use Sailfish OS specific interface and theme....
You are an wizard, who can only cast spells. You have a dungeon and you want to explore it all, down to the Bottom - 100th level of dungeon. Draw...
仅适用于中国大陆   This is a ptach for China phone location/phone number region If you want to show your country phone location ,replace file: /home/nemo/....
by anenash
Приложение для поиска железнодорожных билетов. Информация о маршрутах и наличии билетов предоставляется сервисом
by velox
ATTENTION existing users: The package name has changed to be in line with harbour restrictions – AUTOMATIC UPDATE TO THE NEW PACKAGE WON'T WORK....
by adel
This application adds multiple additional keyboard layouts (for SFOS 3) : English with a number row French with a number row English AZERTY...
Hasher is a universal application to calculate hash digests from various input formats or files. It can also be used as a general-purpose bytes...
This latest build of Godot Engine 3.1 for Sailfish OS + add support for Gamepads on SailfishOS! Now its not fully support gamepads (but seems its...
WebPirate_test - this is considered a test package, it won't alter your original package, if everything goes good, all functions will be migrated to...
by kif
PedoMeter is a simple step counter using the phones build in accelerometers. Besides counting your steps, it also calculate your current and average...
by Aldrog
This is a preview beta version of TwitchTube 2.0, a new iteration of an opensource Twitch client for SailfishOS. Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite of...
  This is an updated package based on scripts and repo from martonmiklos, who we need thank you for all support and patience to provide all scripts,...
by coderus
Patchmanager 3 public beta Make sure to unapply patches before upgrade from Patchmanager 2. Installation will fail if any patch is applied. If you...
by ade
Timer app offering 3 timers, inspired by my Maemo 5 (Fremantle) cooktimer creation. Supports hours/minutes/seconds. Alarms are displayed via the...
by piggz
Donations: This is an alt-tab switching application useful with BT keyboards on the Jolla Tablet. (should also work on the...
by ade
Kodimote is a remote control application for Kodi. Based on Kodimote by RobertMe/mzanetti and changes of accumulator See changelog for additional...