New category 'Public Transport' added!

New category 'Public Transport' added!

It is intended to be used for all public transport timetables and transport guides.

If you think that any other application categories should be added, feel free to use website feedback form.

Last Added Applications

by vasvlad
Daemon for Weather forecast application MeeCast on SailfishOS See for details
Supertux 0.6.1 (December 2019). Requires keyboard or controller - no touchscreen support. Requires QXCompositor for rotation (landscape) support....
by cy8aer
A simple application for the Chaos Communication Congress. Early release to have something for 36c3. Many features missing (favorites, videos), but...
This is a shopping list app, implemented according to my wife's requirements. But you can also use it as a task list. That's what i do.  The basic...
Bluetooth file transfer for all file types                                                                                                        
by olf
Unlocking and mounting encrypted SD-cards automatically                                                                    
by olf
Unlocking and mounting encrypted SD-cards automatically                                                                    
by olf
Scripts for safe and automated upgrading of SailfishOS with logging                                          
by olf
Enhanced mounting scripts for SD-cards                                                                                                      
by ade
Kodimote is a remote control application for Kodi. Based on Kodimote by RobertMe/mzanetti and changes of accumulator See changelog for additional...
Plan ahead, craft your travel guide and bring it with you on the go. SailMe is a client for Jolla, and allow you to download beautiful and...
by lanodan
Kyclos is a client for Pleroma, an implementation part of a federated social network. Current status is very alpha and has several bugs, this is only...
by velox
Talefish is an open source directory based audio book player.  ​Directory based? One of the main goals of Talefish is to provide a place to listen to...
by rinigus
OSM Scout Server is a native offline maps provider. This server can be used as a drop-in replacement for online map services providing map tiles,...
by zuyev
Православный молитвослов. Православный календарь. Язык русский. Молитвы на церковнославянском языке. Orthodox prayer book and calendar. Language...
Watchlist allows you to track your favorite stocks in a watchlist. Initial features are Add / Remove Stocks to your watchlist Search for new stocks...
by Kormil
Application for checking the current state of air quality. Powietrze takes current state of air quality from: * * *...
Zsh is a shell designed for interactive use, although it is also a powerful scripting language. Many of the useful features of bash, ksh, and tcsh...