New category 'Public Transport' added!

New category 'Public Transport' added!

It is intended to be used for all public transport timetables and transport guides.

If you think that any other application categories should be added, feel free to use website feedback form.

Last Added Applications

**Version 0.1-2 fixes the delete mail problem when in mail view** **Version 0.1-3 fixes the blanking/fading problem with main view** Built for Jolla1...
Zsh is a shell designed for interactive use, although it is also a powerful scripting language. Many of the useful features of bash, ksh, and tcsh...
by Karry
OSM Scout for Sailfish is map viewer with search and navigation, fully functional without internet connection.
by monofox
This native radio player gives access to the AudioAddict networks, including:  - ClassicalRadio  - DI.FM  - JazzRadio  - RadioTunes  - ZenRadio  -...
by szopin
Discourse-based forum viewer If you know of a discourse-based forum missing that would be worth including pls post a comment or raise an issue/PR...
by equeim
Simple music player for Sailfish OS. Licensed under GPLv3. Source code: Translations:
Kasa is an app to control TP-Link Kasa smarthome devices. The code is part of my own Qt based smarthome project (never finished ;-)). Here it comes...
Takeoff is an autostart manager to start apps after device boot. This is my first app for Sailfish OS, so please don't be so hard with your feedback...
Quartermaster is a native Sailfish OS Homeassistant client which aims to provide the same functionality like the offical Android/iOS app....
Musikilo is an opensource Nextcloud music streaming app. Don't forget to add /remote.php/dav/files/nickname/ to root path! You can donate me here ...
s1p is an experimental SIP client for Sailfish OS Successfully tested with: Asterisk 3CX Yate FritzBox
by zuyev
Православные молитвослов и календарь. Языки: русский, английский (только молитвослов), болгарский (только молитвослов). Orthodox prayer book and...
by aviarus
i took the sources from: and compiled them. it's an application that lets you make queries to wolframalpha....
PHillis is an unofficial Sailfish OS client for the adult content website Pornhub. Want to contribute? Sources are available on Github. Translations...
by rinigus
Pure Maps is a full-featured map and navigation application allowing you to explore maps, search for addresses and points of interest, as well as...
My video player allows for playing back local files (via a built-in file-browser) and remote files (from sites like youtube or rtp or mms streams...
by ade
nmap-suid is just the nmap part (no zenmap, ncat etc) of the nmap project. This nmap version has setuid, so it runs as root. This way it can retrieve...
by olf
Unlocking and mounting encrypted SD-cards automatically