New category 'Public Transport' added!

New category 'Public Transport' added!

It is intended to be used for all public transport timetables and transport guides.

If you think that any other application categories should be added, feel free to use website feedback form.

Last Added Applications

by ade
InfraView displays info about your current network environment. Currently offering: External IP info Local IP info Devices in network (nmap) ARP...
  Chinese google pinyin keyboard for Sailfish. Very thanks to mumudada and gexc   本程序大量参考木木大大的山寨谷歌输入法跟gexc大大的拼音输入法,后端采用谷歌拼音输入法代码,做到了既可以使用gexc大大的输入法键盘...
by dysko
Tooter is Mastodon client. It is a free, open-source social network. A decentralized alternative to commercial platforms, it avoids the risks of a...
by osetr
Unofficial native client for the Turing Phone
It's a text search tool for various local file types. This app is able to find a text inside files stored locally on a device and present the results...
by fruct
GPS-tracker is a user-friendly map-based application for Sailfish OS that allows to record, import and export GPX tracks. It also provides the...
by kempe
Received is a unofficial client for (,  for streaming internet radio. Features for now: Switch player layout Basic playback control...
by steils
Keyboard layout for all modern Slavic languages that use Cyrillic script. Supports pre-reform Russian (pre-1918) as well. All supported letters are...
by coderus
Powersave menu entry for Jolla Settings. Source code: Translations:
jTox is a native Jolla/Sailfish OS instant messaging client implementing the Tox protocol. JTox is decentralized and encrypted and does not require...
by noelnh
A Pixiv client for Sailfish OS (Jolla tablet not supported yet). Pixiv( is an online artist community where members can browse and submit...
by alina
It's recommended to uninstall pre-0.4 versions before installing the newer ones. Adds advanced settings for volume control to Sounds and feedback. 2....
by alina
It's recommended to uninstall previous version before installing the new update for Sailfish 2.0.1 (v0.4) Adds quick action to call a specific number...
by alina
Adds an option to Text Input settings to disable autocapitalization for all layouts. 2.0.0+ Once applied, you need to restart keyboard from Sailfish...
ToeTerm is a terminal emulator, which is based on ThumbTerm and FingerTerm code base, but designed to use Sailfish OS specific interface and theme....
QMLpass QMLpass is a QML frontend for the standard unix password manager ( This is an app build for the Sailfish...
by anenash
Beta version of tetris game. Development of this application was inspired by devices like Brick Game(E-Star E-23). Development is in progress....
Scorecard application for Disc Golf (aka Frisbee golf, Frolf, Folf...). Features: