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If you want to support OpenRepos, please make a bank transfer to our hosting provider, Hetzner Online GmbH using following payment details:

Account holder: Hetzner Online GmbH
Bank: Deutsche Bank AG
IBAN: DE92 7607 0012 0750 0077 00

You MUST include our client number K0710037513 as a reference/comment for the payment so Hetzner will credit our balance.

Last Added Applications

The game is a clone of the famous Doodle Jump. The object of the game is simply to jump up the tower. If you didn’t hit the platform, then you fly...
Description: Speed X is a 3D tunnel action game where you have to avoid hitting colored blocks. Management is carried out by tilting the phone....
"Thakir Prayer Times" provides:
You are a small robot named Roboto, an ordinary boy who recently learned to ride his new racketboard, but the trouble is that his beloved girlfriend...
Do you love run n' jump games or do you hate them? Whatever the case, Dalton - The Awesome is made for you! Be sure that you think twice before...
An exciting adventure in a world with gravity gone crazy. Excellent story and graphics will not disappoint you. There are game modes: story and...
Patchmanager for SailfishOS                                   
MeeCatalog is a simple tool to search, browse and install software packages available in the software sources configured to the device. You can also...
This is an app to edit shortcuts on Nokia N9/50 that which appear at the bottom of the screen when we drag up from the bottom of the screen and hold...
by mkiol
Play audio, video and images on UPnP/DLNA devices.
by slava
Barcode reader for Sailfish OS. Based on the original CodeReader app by Steffen Förster. At some point the original one just stopped working and I...
by slava
Settings page for Sailfish OS, which allows you to change volume and snooze interval for calendar and clock alarms. Source code:
by zuyev
Православные молитвослов и календарь. Языки: русский, английский (только молитвослов), болгарский (только молитвослов). Orthodox prayer book and...
sRadio is a native and lightweight SHOUTcast client, built on the Shoutcast-sailfish open source project,   Features include: Over 50,000 stations...
by ade
Cronie contains the standard UNIX daemon crond that runs specified programs at scheduled times and related tools. It is the default cron on...
by direc85
GPSInfo is a simple tool to enable and disable aquiring GPS position, and it displays various information about the location, such as the coordinates...
by attah
Sharing plugin for use with SeaPrint (available in store). It just invokes SeaPrint with the file you are sharing, resulting in a new instance of...
by lpr_A7
If you have a legacy app that needs and updated to SFOS4.3+ or you have a Jolla1 and want to use openssl1.1.1 but system libraries...