New category 'Public Transport' added!

New category 'Public Transport' added!

It is intended to be used for all public transport timetables and transport guides.

If you think that any other application categories should be added, feel free to use website feedback form.

Last Added Applications

by coderus
ScreenTapShot - simple screenshot application which transforming to overlay button when launched. You can drag button to any position and make...
PHillis is an unofficial Sailfish OS client for the adult content website Pornhub.
by Kormil
Application for checking the current state of air quality. Powietrze takes current state of air quality from: * * *...
by Karry
OSM Scout for Sailfish is map viewer with search and navigation, fully functional without internet connection.
by equeim
Simple music player for Sailfish OS. Licensed under GPLv3. Source code: Translations:
Circle Jump is a small (but kind of addictive) game. BREAKING NEWS: version 1.1.2 and up, now works on Jolla1 .... :)
SailfishOS Club is a native client for Sailfishosclub is an unoffice Chinese community,not for profit Thanks for these...
by melvin
Binary Fun is an awesome game for every nerdy programmer. The challenge of this game is to type a given decimal number in binary as fast as possible...
Classic Pong game. Maybe later more classic games will be added. Enjoy!!! Code: I...
Say hello to Piepmatz, a Twitter client for Sailfish OS! Piepmatz supports all the features of Twitter that you need to stay up-to-date. Your...
Starting from v0.4, the package name changed. Please uninstall and reinstall the app to update. Settings should not be lost in the process. This...
by ade
MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files. Added as backend for mediainfo-gui...
by ade
This app is intended for Dutch users Welkweer is a dutch app, providing weather info for the Netherlands. The info is mainly from, but...
by nthn
DO NOT install this package if you are looking for a Dutch translation package for your Sailfish OS device. Dutch is an officially supported language...
仅适用于中国大陆   This is a ptach for China phone location/phone number region If you want to show your country phone location ,replace file: /home/nemo/....
by ade
Warning regarding SailfishOS upgrades: to prevent any misbehavior of the cron daemon, please stop the daemon before starting any OS upgrade  ...
Nightly Clock is a clock designed for your bedside, originally from BlackBerry10 but hugely improved for Sailfish. 90% rebuilt for Sailfish OS with a...
Ever forgot about your parking-disk in time-restricted free parking zones, commonly found in Europe? This simple Sailfish app keeps track of your...