New category 'Public Transport' added!

New category 'Public Transport' added!

It is intended to be used for all public transport timetables and transport guides.

If you think that any other application categories should be added, feel free to use website feedback form.

Last Added Applications

A fork of Wunderfitz, removing all online functionality to get a truly offline dictionary. Features: uses free offline dictionaries from
A simple app for searching the Swiss phone directories using the public API. Features: search for names, numbers, services, etc. specify...
by osetr
Native sound recorder for Sailfish OS
by fllp
Turquoise ambience featuring a blossom. Background shows a chestnut blossom on a wooden park bank. The photo was taken on an alley with chestnut...
by fllp
Blue ambience featuring a clown fish. No sounds included, ringtone at 10% by default. License: GPLv3
Fileman a tool to view files on Sailfish OS. Features Preview JPEG, PNG and GIF files Install Android APK and Sailfish packages Select multiple...
by halftux
Telegram command-line interface for Harmattan. Uses readline interface. This version has no python or lua support. If you need these supports look...
by halftux
Telegram command-line interface for Harmattan. Uses readline interface. This version has python and lua support.
Quickddit is a free and open source Reddit client for mobile phones. Quickddit is not an official client of Reddit and is not affiliated with Reddit...
by halftux
HexTool is a simple calculator for hex, bin, oct and dec. All values are editable so you can put a new hexdecimal value, decimal value, change single...
Watchlist allows you to track your favorite stocks in a watchlist. Initial features are Add / Remove Stocks to your watchlist Search for new stocks...
NOTE: Only works whith Webcat installed along stock Web Browser Fix Web Browser icon problem on picker menu when installed along Webcat. Patchmanager...
SailfishOS Club is a native client for Sailfishosclub is an unoffice Chinese community,not for profit Thanks for these...
by lpr_A7
The mpg123 distribution contains an MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 audio player/decoder for layers 1, 2 and 3 (most commonly MPEG 1.0 Layer 3 aka MP3), as well as...
GUI available here. Theme pack support lets customize icons, fonts, system sounds and pixel density in Sailfish OS. Remember to unapply themes before...
Nightly Clock is a clock designed for your bedside, originally from BlackBerry10 but hugely improved for Sailfish. 80% rebuilt for Sailfish OS with a...
by kravich
A Sailfish port of the DeadBeef audio player. Features:
by Wedmer
A two-paned filemanager for Sailfish devices. Features Access the Sailfish media locations, the SD card, and the Android storage Access the complete...