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Direct Bank Transfer

If you want to support OpenRepos, please make a bank transfer to our hosting provider, Hetzner Online GmbH using following payment details:

Account holder: Hetzner Online GmbH
Bank: Deutsche Bank AG
IBAN: DE92 7607 0012 0750 0077 00

You MUST include our client number K0710037513 as a reference/comment for the payment so Hetzner will credit our balance.

Last Added Applications

by rubdos
Responsive Taskwarrior graphical interface for SailfishOS. Early stages. You need to enable nagua's repository in order to meet dependencies. I will...
This is a simple app to manage and run often used shell commands without using the terminal. It comes with some ready to use presets to show all...
by 6uvNPR
SailSync ownCloud is an application for synchronising files between your SailfishOS mobile device, and your ownCloud (or NextCloud) server instance....
by 6uvNPR
AirSail Transfer allows you to easily transfer files between a computer and your SailfishOS device, using the computer’s web browser. AirSail...
by blizzz
Nextcloud Talk for Sailfish OS is in a very early stage. At the moment it supports multi-account chat. The code is available at
by levone1
Neat little app, just for kicks... Takes multiple images and stitches them together into one. Not my work - I just built and packaged to share....
by Tomin
Patience Deck is a collection of patience games for Sailfish OS. There are 72 supported patience games including classics like Klondike, Freecell and...
by sarkh
Journey planner for Helsinki, Tampere & Turku area - fork of Jopas originally forked from Meegopas. Features:
This app is a manager for Mozilla Location Service offline packages for Sailfish OS. !!! Warning !!! When using this app deinstall all other mls...
by direc85
ToeTerm is a feature-packed terminal emulator designed to use Sailfish OS specific interface and theme. Important: ToeTerm 1.9.2-1 and later releases...
by szopin
Native viewer/browser for SFOS Forum Icon by dseight Source: The warning for 1.3.0 no longer...
Math teacher application. Currently only multiplication training possible. The app has its basic idea in though plenty of refinement and enlargement...
A Journey planner/Railway Time table for many train lines in europe and australia. Current supported backends are:
You no longer need tdlib package to run this app. It's safe to remove.    If you want calls to be working you need to install voicecall plugin....
by direc85
Fish is a fully-equipped command line shell (like bash or zsh) that is smart and user-friendly. Fish supports powerful features like syntax...
by direc85
This is just a dumb clock with pretty colors. That's it! I got inspiration for this clock from Daniel Shiffman, who runs The Coding Train YouTube...
by direc85
Solve the puzzles to find the hidden pictures in the grid based on numeric clues. For every clue, there is a block of adjacent cells of that size in...
by sfos_ja
Source: jolla-anthy-jp libanthy-qml-plugin (include anthy)