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Direct Bank Transfer

If you want to support OpenRepos, please make a bank transfer to our hosting provider, Hetzner Online GmbH using following payment details:

Account holder: Hetzner Online GmbH
Bank: Deutsche Bank AG
IBAN: DE92 7607 0012 0750 0077 00

You MUST include our client number K0710037513 as a reference/comment for the payment so Hetzner will credit our balance.

Last Added Applications

by arustg
Simple Piano Keyboard. Source code
Experimental audio manipulation app for SF. Cut audio files or recordings and apply effects like fade-in, emphasize, echo or denoiser. Please report...
VideoWorks is a workbench for editing, filtering, compositing video. It relies on ffmpeg (via python) for the heavy lifting.
Quartermaster is a native Sailfish OS Home Assistant client which aims to provide the same functionality like the offical Android/iOS app.Home...
Aenigma (Latin for puzzle) is a Sudoku puzzle game for Sailfish OS.
Vodman enables you to save videos from popular sites such as Youtube or Twitch to your device.  Simply copy the URL of the VOD to the clipboard. Then...
Fast chess application with a chess clock, chess in two-player mode or against Stockfish chess engine.
jTox is a native Jolla/Sailfish OS instant messaging client implementing the Tox protocol. JTox is decentralized and encrypted and does not require...
by slava
Based on the original Value Logger by kimmoli. The original one worked well on Jolla1 until my databases grew to thousands of entries and UI got...
by mkiol
Multi aggregators mobile feed reader Kaktus requires backend service (an aggregator). Currently following RSS aggregators are supported: Netvibes Old...
by mkiol
Offline reader for Wikipedia
by velox
Talefish is an open source directory based audio book player.  ​Directory based? One of the main goals of Talefish is to provide a place to listen to...
by velox
a shakeable sleep timer for media players on SailfishOS Slumber is a sleep timer program for SailfishOS with sensors support. This means you can use...
Monstar from Nerd Attack. All Rights Reserved. Monstar is a cute monster avatar creation app birthed in the secret laboratories of Nerd Attack. Our...
by rubdos
Whisperfish is an advanced but unofficial Signal client. Whisperfish should be in a usable state for many users, but is still considered beta quality...
An SFOS app to find Fuel Stations and Prices around you. This fork adds a Settings page (found under Favs) to permit you to add a Tankerkoenig api...
by ade
Music Player Daemon (MPD) is a flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music. Through plugins and libraries it can play a variety of...
by levone1
cli file manager. Highly configurable. File and image previews work out of the box with no extra depndencies/config. Not my work; I just compiled on-...