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Last Added Applications

Poor Maps is an application for Sailfish OS to display tiled maps (e.g. OpenStreetMap), places and routes with a flexible selection of data and...
“Editor” is the application that helps you to edit your documents and code. It has all the features of text editor and something more. There is a...
A simple patch to remove the handle from the home screen and the launcher. Sources:
SAILFINDER V3.X! Sailfinder is an unofficial client for Tinder for Sailish OS based on PyOtherSide.
With the app you can patch and scale an image on the map. With an app you can add temporary, future or private maps on OpenStreet map and move on...
Your calendar icon will show you the current day of the month. Works on Sailfish OS 2.0.2+. You can simply customize the icons (to change icon pack...
by lourens
If you have "Status: dep-resolution-failed. Extra details: There is no update candidate for..." error, please install manually in terminal: $ devel-...
by MartinK
modRana is a flexible GPS navigation system for mobile Linux devices. Currently supported features @ Sailfish:
Simple changer of default hostname "Sailfish" to your own one. It use 2 commands: echo YOUR_NAME > /etc/hostname hostname YOUR_NAME or this one:...
by cfr34k
Messwerk shows and plots values from the different sensors of your phone. It currently supports: Accelerometer Gyroscope Rotation Magnetometer Light...
by Wedmer
Use your SailfishOS device to boot GNU/Linux Hybrid ISO images on your PC. Also you can use some other disk images. Just add "iso" extension (tested...
by mijutu
Application for easily uploading files to ownCloud and sharing them. Ocshare can be used to upload to ownCloud and create shares by itself, but it...
by Sthocs
Find a bike in your city! This app provides a simple interactive map displaying all bike share stations by city, their number of available bikes and...
by rinigus
This is a module of OSM Scout Server. This module contains Valhalla routing engine ( Please install this module...
by osetr
This is a fork of YTPlayer. WARNING! Version 0.5.6-1 was badly tested and did not work properly. Please update to 0.5.6-2.
by eson
Four different colored ambiences based on abstract background images. There's also a full set of notification sounds. Source. GitHub Sailfish OS v2.0...
by mkiol
Offline reader for Wikipedia and other Wiki projects
Your preferred filesystem! This allows you to use SDXC cards with the most speed possible! Here you find the tools to create new f2fs volumes. To...