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If you want to support OpenRepos, please make a bank transfer to our hosting provider, Hetzner Online GmbH using following payment details:

Account holder: Hetzner Online GmbH
Bank: Deutsche Bank AG
IBAN: DE92 7607 0012 0750 0077 00
Address: Industriestr. 25, 91710 Gunzenhausen, Germany

You MUST include our client number K0710037513 as a reference/comment for the payment so Hetzner will credit our balance.

Last Added Applications

by ade
ExifTool is a customizable set of Perl modules plus a full-featured commandline application by Phil Harvey for reading and writing meta information...
by attah
Unofficial packaging of the standalone client for Bredbandskollen is a "speedtest" service from the Swedish Internet Foundation....
Wireguard userspace tools, packaged for Sailfish. You can use this standalong but you may want want to install WireGuard for Sailfish (Settings UI)...
FFmpeg: a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.
by K_bsp port to Sailfish OS. It's an translator which I use the most because of its wide range of subjects from science to literature. The...
by slava
E-book reader for Sailfish OS. The core functionality is based on FBReader source code with a few modifications. In theory, it should be able to...
Yandex Music open-source unofficial app.
by Tomin
Patience Deck is a collection of patience games for Sailfish OS. There are 90 patience games including classics like Klondike, Freecell and Spider as...
by ade
SMPC is an full featured Music Player Daemon (MPD) client, which is a port of symbian application qmobilempd, and created by djselbeck (https://...
by slava
Barcode reader for Sailfish OS. Based on the original CodeReader app by Steffen Förster. At some point the original one just stopped working and I...
by eson
It's just a Swedish translation file for the Personal Ringtones app. Because it's not in the rpm.
by a_24
Command-line Wayland clipboard utilities, `wl-copy` and `wl-paste`, that let you easily copy data between the clipboard and Unix pipes, sockets,...
A Sailfish app to view the DWD, the German Weather Service. This is using the very pleasant to use apis at: From version 0...
Build Sailwave for aarch64. Original build by ejjoman I will not do any active development on this, I only provide a for me- working build.
by thigg
Flood the field. Enjoy the game. Play with a friend.     This game is also a proof of concept for java applications on sfos.
Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it...
by slava
Keep yourself warm with a virtual fireplace! The intensity of the fire can be controlled by swiping up and down the screen. Source code: https://...
Commbank A native (read-only) comdirect banking client for Sailfish OS.   Notice: !!! The quality is still alpha and needs a lot of polishing under...