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Patchmanager for Sailfish OS


Patchmanager is a tool for transparently modifying installed files by the patch utility and for managing the patches for doing so.
Since version 3.0 it does not modify original files, but alters their content when they are loaded into RAM to be run.


Information for users

Note that Patchmanager does not install an application icon on the launcher, but creates a new entry in Sailfish OS' Settings app.

Only updating from Patchmanager 3.x is supported; if you have Patchmanager 2.x or Prepatch installed, you must unapply all patches and then uninstall it, before installing Patchmanager 3!
But mind that the "repository separation mechanism" Jolla "enhanced" per Sailfish OS 3.4.0 prevents seamless updating of RPMs from different repositories (though downloading and then updating per `pkcon install-local` should work).

In addition to the enhancements Patchmanager 3.0 provided over Patchmanager 2.x, many parts of Patchmanager 3.1 have been overhauled and it is fully adapted to support Sailfish OS 4.
The minimal supported Sailfish OS release is 3.4.0, on older Sailfish OS releases please install Patchmanager 3.0.

Modern patches for Patchmanager are provided via the Web Catalog, while older patches were provided as RPMs at Openrepos and some of them are still maintained.
Mind that many patches were first released at Openrepos but later migrated to the Web Catalog: For these you will find outdated RPMs, hence always search in the Web Catalog first.

Reporting bugs:

If you want to translate ("localise") Patchmanager to a language you know well or enhance an existing translation, please use Patchmanager's Transifex page.


If you appreciate our work, please consider a donation to help covering the hosting costs for Openrepos via
Openrepos is critical infrastructure specifically for Patchmanager, because its Web Catalog of patches is hosted there.
If for some reason you cannot donate to Openrepos, we also appreciate donating to the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE):


Information for patch developers

Patch developers, please utilise the available information at Github.

For issues a patch shows when interacting with Patchmanager ≥ 3.1 or flaws in Patchmanager proper, please use the issue tracker and / or file a pull request at Github.

Patchmanager's source code is hosted at Github for all versions since its inception in 2014.



  1. The original "patchmanager for Jolla settings" together with its GUI called "patchmanager" and the "AUSMT" utility at its core were all created by Sfiet_Konstantin in 2014.
  2. Coderus started maintaining the "AUSMT" utility and created a enhanced, unified app called "Patchmanager 2" in 2016.  Its last release from coderus is v2.3.3, which can be found at the Patchmanager 3.0 page.
    Note that elros34 started maintaining a "pm2-forever" branch in 2020 but a search did not reveal any RPM release of it.
  3. In 2018 jakibaki had the innovative idea of applying patches on-the-fly, which was first implemented in the Prepatch utlility.
    Coderus integrated this into Patchmanager and reworked Patchmanager significantly, resulting in Patchmanager 3.0.
  4. Because coderus announced in June 2021 that he ceased to maintain his personal projects, among them Patchmanager 3.0, and significant changes in Sailfish OS 4 resulted in Patchmanager 3.0 not working well, a team assembled to revive and maintain Patchmanager: The result are the releases you see on this page.



Application versions: 
File patchmanager-3.1.0-1.i486.rpm1.87 MB09/10/2021 - 04:34
File patchmanager-3.1.0-1.armv7hl.rpm1.83 MB09/10/2021 - 04:34
File patchmanager-3.1.0-1.aarch64.rpm1.83 MB09/10/2021 - 04:34