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patchmanager allows you to apply patches: tweaks for Sailfish OS that might modify the user experience in order to enhance it, or personnalize it.

See this TMO thread for more information.

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Since it's not possible to comment on the new app: would be nice to have a filter for hiding incompatible patches!

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keep getting:

  • transaction /464_deaCAEC
  • Status: repo-not-avialble

errors every time i try to install

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Hi Sfiet_Konstantin

Please update the Patchmanager so, that the icon in the settings has the right scaling factor on the Fairphone 2 (FullHD Display),

Ancelad alredy updated his patches, i hope Schturman and other patch devs would do the same.

please correct, this small cosmetic issue.

You can see the problem here:

Patchmanager icon has wrong scaling factor and the icon is smaller than the other.

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Well, this is actually just the user interface of patchmanager, so called patchmanager daemon. Relies on osmt, I don't know if on patchutils too. I don't use warehouse(I don't like it at all) and it was hard to install patchmanager by command line, luckily, I've already had found a guide on together.jolla Apart this, talking about patchmanager, maybe it's nice for who likes patch, but I needed it just to enable homescreen rotation.. I hope it doesn't make the phone less stable or use resources.

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I tried to install patchmanager today but during the install warehouse crashed. Patchmanager did not work after that so i uninstalled it through warehouse. Now if i try to install patchmanager again i get the following error: 

 Error occured

Transaction /6801_ccadbbdc
Status: dep—resolution—failed
Extra details:

conflicts with jolla-settings-patchmanager
provided byjolla-settings-

I dont know what warehouse was installing when it crashed since the installation was taking so long I left it to do it by itself. Should i manually remove something before i can install patchmanager again?

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idea: would it be possible to add feature 'apply/unapply all patches' in pulleymenue? (or at least mark/unmark all patches as tool to choose before using 'restart preload services')

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I unistalled all the patches. Installed OS update When trying to install 0.4.5-10.20.1 via OpenRepos I get an install error  dep.resolution-failed  - nothing provides needed by ausmt-1.2.2-10.2.1.jolla.armvhl

please keep up the great work


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I managed to install today? No idea why it was succesfull - sorry

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I might have done something that made the manager malfunction. I installed the new Jolla update and forgot to uninstall the patches beforehand. The manager stopped working. I uninstalled everything related to the manager. The patches and the manager. Now openrepos won't let me install it again. There always comes some downloading malfunction. Is there any solution to this?

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Does not work with Vaarainjarvi. Seems that the patch is installed but when it is applied, "failed to install patch" comes up.

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Does not open after I updated Vaarainjärvi. Do you know what I am doing wrong? Thanks for help.

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Does is not work with Uitukka system?Am I right?