patchmanager for Jolla settings

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patchmanager allows you to apply patches: tweaks for Sailfish OS that might modify the user experience in order to enhance it, or personnalize it.

See this TMO thread for more information.

This is the Jolla settings plugin.

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This is the original Patchmanager, which has been long superseded by Patchmanager 2 and 3.

To determine which version of Patchmanager is suitable for the SailfishOS release you have installed, please read this comment on the Patchmanager-UI page.

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Sir, I have downloaded warehouse. But patchmanager is not installing.It says error. But other aaps are installing . Please help me to install patchmanager .



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Patchmanager 2.0 mostly used.

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Thank you for your suggestion: Patchmanager since v3.1.0-pre uses a remorse timer for "Unapply all patches". ☺

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I use now my Aqua Fish like Jolla C. Sailfish OS ver. . 

I used the patchmanager so far, now I did a factory reset before the software update, then I tried to install this and failed with this message: 

Transaction /413_dbdecddd
Status@ repo-not-available
Extra details:
File './core/armv7hl/groff-' not found on medium ''

What is the solution? What is this error and why?

Thank you!

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I read in the comments of [1] that patchmanager now unapplies all the patches before system upgrade. After updating SFOS to I have 2 patches which I can not deactivate anymore because I didn't bother to unapply before updating because of comments of [1].



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Do not trust the original Patchmanager (here) and Patchmanager 2 to do this 100% reliably.  Always install and apply Schturman's patch for that!

Only Patchmanager 3 uses a mechanism which prevents such mishaps for sure.

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"Problem with installing"
What is wrong?

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After having upgraded Patchmanager for Jolla Settings to v0.5.0-10.21.1 (Taalojärvi on Jolla phone) and enabled "Unapply all patches on Upgrade" (which cannot be unapplied), the "Sailfish OS update" entry in Settings has become unresponsive.

Is this normal as there is currently no pending OS update? Or should I fix something?

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"something really wrong happened with patch file, need to be fixed"

=> pkcon install jolla-settings-sailfishos

NB: 20:38CET installation of v0.5.1-10.22.1 fails (dependency issue)
Edit: now fixed (22:39CET)

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Can you please change the word "patchmanager" into "Patchmanager"

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idea: would it be possible to add feature 'apply/unapply all patches' in pulleymenue? (or at least mark/unmark all patches as tool to choose before using 'restart preload services')

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I do not get to work, "Patchmanager -> Home Screen -> 5x6 launcher" function. When this patch carried out so the message "Failed to install patch"

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Can you please change the word "patchmanager" into "Patchmanager" (with a capital P) in the Settings app? Would look much nicer :)

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It's a detail, but I have to agree.

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I removed "patchmanager" and installed "patchmanager for jolla settings" and now it works fine 

in the settings. But when i tap "pertner-space manager", it says that no partner-space available.

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Oh that worked for me too. I just tried uninstalling inside warehouse app but removing worked.

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i have the same problem

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I'm not able to install this because it conflicts with patchmanager and now my patchmanager doesn't start.

I'm not able to uninstall patchmanager...

What to do