Patch: Unapply all patches before system update (manually)

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I decided to add this patch back for those who still want to see button "Unapply all patches" and red notification inside SailfishOS updates menu when update arrives (it not conflicting with new patchmanager).

- For v2.2.0.29 and above.

- For v2.1.1.12 and above.

- For v2.1.0.11 and below.

Beware, use it on your own risk !!!

Donation are welcome :)


- For v2.2.0.29 and above.


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If someone still want to see button "Unapply all patches" inside SailfishOS updates menu when update arrives, I can add this package back (it not conflicting with new patchmanager2)

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Hello Schturman,

How do I uninstall this patch, while it has been removed from warehouse?


Best Regards,


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pkcon remove sailfishos-unapply-all-patches

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patchmanager have been updated with own proper patch to unapply all patches before starting update :)

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Thanks, I saw your message on tmo and removed my patch... ;)

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Be careful with patchmanager-0.5.0-10.21.1.

When "Unapply All Patches on Upgrade" is enabled, SFOS upgrade becomes unavailable until you run "pkcon install jolla-settings-sailfishos" in terminal.

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You need write it also on patchmanager page.

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I did.

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You absolutely rock!!! One of the most useful patch ever!!!

I love you man!!!


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Does it unapply itself?

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yes, it unapply all applied patches. Soon new version, when it visible only if update exist.

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:D hopefully... :D

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Very helpful, thx.

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Thanks! Most valueable patch.