Say hello to Piepmatz, a Twitter client for Sailfish OS! Piepmatz supports all the features of Twitter that you need to stay up-to-date. Your...
by jobe
NEWS: Added latest KDBX 4 database support Please report any problems you might have here. I use this version to test Keepass 2 write support with a...
Unoffical Instagram client for Sailfish. Fork of sailgrande. Rebased and updated by wiktorek140 Current features:
by Ygriega
You can only find preliminary versions here! Please go to to find the full versions!
by Dax
WebPirate is a Tabbed WebBrowser for SailfishOS based on WebKit. A special thanks goes to Ferlanero for helping me with UI design and testing! :)  ...
by r0kk3rz
SirenSong is a native music player for SailfishOS implemented with QtMultimedia and Tracker, designed with usabillity and large music libraries in...
An unofficial client for TED. It's still an early alpha version, but you can already: - See the currently most popular talks - Search for talks - See...
by zeta
Lockscreen patch enabling to show an icon when you have a voicemail message to read. In the screenshot (here in low power mode) the voicemail icon is...
Lähetykset on lähetysten seurantasovellus Sailfishille. Sillä voit seurata Suomen postin, Matkahuollon ja MyPackin sekä Ruotsin postin lähetyksiä...
by basil
RPM Installer allows you to install local rpm packages.  Application will guide you through the installation process. Before installation, package...
by mjt2000
This application implements the client (PCE) functionality defined in the Bluetooth PBAP profile (= Phonebook Access Profile). It is NOT in Jolla...