PBAP client

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This application implements the client (PCE) functionality defined in the Bluetooth PBAP profile (= Phonebook Access Profile).

It is NOT in Jolla Harbour as all used APIs (Qt Add-on Modules like Qt Bluetooth) are not accepted by Jolla yet. Note: I have no real device so I've tried it only in the emulator.

If you're willing to try the application, I would be more than happy to hear results. It's possible to enable logging from the info page of application and collect some connection related data to the log file. The log file is normal txt file (pbaplog.txt (*)) and should not contain any personal data. If you will, you can send the log file to support email address so I can look it more detail and figure out what's the problem. (*) the log file folder location is: /home/username/.


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File harbour-pbapclient-0.9.23-1.armv7hl.rpm63.57 KB31/12/2013 - 20:48


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Installed into my Jolla, but it does not find my 808. Does not matter how I paired them, from Jolla, or from 808. Also I can't find the log file anywhere?

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Thank you.

It seems that Qt Bluetooth discovery does not function well. What a shame. I've succeeded to transfer contacts from my Symbian phone to Sailfish emulator. A log file is created only after real BT connection is initiated.

There is no much I can do for now as I've no Jolla device.


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hi, the app is at least installing and running on actual devices ... it does however not find my android phone (BT was activated on both devices and the android phone was visible) ... i'll give it another try over the weekend... the app at least finds the contacts stored within the phone-db... is there a possibility to implement a PSE-client?

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Thanks for the info. Can I ask what Android device/version you're using? I've only Galaxy Tab 2 and I'd some challenges while I was implementing the client to Symbian. Perhaps, you could try pairing from Android to Jolla first and make Jolla trusted device in your Android device.

I think that N9 supports PSE so I assume that support is coming to Jolla as well at some point. I've no time currently to investigate what it would require to have it.