SirenSong Music Player

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SirenSong is a native music player for SailfishOS implemented with QtMultimedia and Tracker, designed with usabillity and large music libraries in mind.


  • People Style List Menu for large library support
  • Random Infinitely Queuing Play Queue
  • Next/Play/Pause Cover Actions
  • Headset Button Bindings
  • MPRIS DBus Interface (confirmed working with pebbled)

To Be Implemented 

  • Playlist Management
  • Equalizer
  • Headphone Jack Events Detection
  • ReplayGain Tag Support

Known Issues

  • Maybe memory issues if left running for a long time





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Application versions: 
File harbour-sirensong-0.5-10.9.1.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm51.97 KB24/10/2015 - 23:22
File harbour-sirensong-0.6-10.10.1.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm51.08 KB30/12/2015 - 19:45

Version 0.6-1

New Features:

  • Search Page
  • Swedish Translations by Eson


  • Improved Sort by Artist queries


247's picture

Out of curiosity, why don't you make the artist section as the people app too?it would be really nice...

247's picture

The artist view does not work anymore, i just get the artist list but if i touch on an artist nothing happens...

r0kk3rz's picture

Yes I've also noticed the same, I think with a new sailfish version they updated Tracker which changed some things. I should really look into it.

objectifnul's picture

Bug or feature? When I add a song to the playlist, one other song is automatically added (apparently randomly)

sajidwaseem's picture

    here is link of good lyrics website . just open the link and search any song without clicking on adds.

Hope you will like this web.

r0kk3rz's picture

Feature. I like it better than the usual 'shuffle all' method.

If you dont like it, switch Repeat on from the pull menu on the play queue, then it will only add songs you queue yourself

kollin's picture

The app does not read sdcard's Music directory!
Waiting for the next version. ;)

r0kk3rz's picture

It gets the music files through Tracker, so if its not picking up files from the sdcard then I suggest you tell tracker to re-index (tracker-control -se).

Certainly reads the music files on my sdcard anyway :)

kollin's picture

tracker-control -se works for the default media player, but it's useless for SirenSong. ;)

r0kk3rz's picture

SirenSong uses the same database as the default media player. So the tracker commands are far from useless

kollin's picture

Ok, i'm just letting you know that no matter what i do, my songs ( from sdcard) are appearing in the default player, but not in SirenSong. tracker-control -se also does nothing for this problem!
You are free to ignore my feedback!

r0kk3rz's picture

Interesting, not sure why that would be. As I said they are the same database so unless Tracker is not tagging them as a nmm:MusicPiece like it should, theres nothing special about file location for SirenSong.

check out tracker-info [filename]. it should be tagging them with 'rdf:type' = ''


kollin's picture

[nemo@Jolla ~]$ tracker-info /media/sdcard/c7980b01-f8db-44
Querying information for entity:'/media/sdcard/c7980b01-f8d
'' = '2012-04-02T21:1
'' = '2014-01-30T18:2
'' = 'urn:nepomuk:d
'tracker:added' = '2014-09-21T08:36:11Z'
'tracker:modified' = '9359'
'rdf:type' = '
'rdf:type' = '
'rdf:type' = '
'rdf:type' = '
'rdf:type' = '
'rdf:type' = '
'rdf:type' = '
'nie:byteSize' = '6145490'
'nie:dataSource' = 'urn:nepomuk:datasource:5229f00a8f8782
'nie:isPartOf' = 'urn:uuid:b0b3a343-5455-c29b-dd4a-bf1070
'nie:url' = 'file:///media/sdcard/c7980b01-f8db-4497-a7f3
'nfo:belongsToContainer' = 'urn:uuid:b0b3a343-5455-c29b-d
'tracker:available' = 'true'
'maemo:relevance' = '1000000.0'
'nie:isStoredAs' = 'urn:uuid:2b786d72-b922-da01-81df-4703
'nie:mimeType' = 'audio/mpeg'
'nfo:fileLastAccessed' = '2014-01-30T18:27:24Z'
'nfo:fileLastModified' = '2012-04-02T21:12:36Z'
nfo:fileLastAccessed' = '2014-01-30T18:27:24Z'
'nfo:fileLastModified' = '2012-04-02T21:12:36Z'
'nfo:fileName' = '1Michel_Richard_Delalande_Miserere_Le_P
'nfo:fileSize' = '6145490'

r0kk3rz's picture

Thanks for that, I see whats happening now and I'll try and throw up a bugfix release later on this week

kollin's picture

No change after the last update 0.3-2! ;)

r0kk3rz's picture

This can probably be solved by filling out the ID3 tags on your mp3 files. But i'll see if I can rework it so it will fall back to filename when tags arent present

kollin's picture

Perfect! Thank you!

Lintanffc's picture

Yes, no letter is able to be selected!


r0kk3rz's picture

Could be a tracker issue. Check the Jolla player and if its not showing any songs then run "tracker-control -se" from terminal

Lintanffc's picture

But after the update, the app is block without the possibility to select any letter!

r0kk3rz's picture

I'm not sure I follow, are you talking about a bug with the Media Library?

Lintanffc's picture

Super icon!

nice complement for a cool app !


robomike's picture

I like the idea of an independent player for Sailfish. The Jolla "Media"-player is okay so far, but don't like its usability too much. If I had a wish for free: I would like a player able to play directory contents. Not all of my music is tagged correctly, and in Jollas player this is a big mess. If I could play a folder content I would be happy enough :-)
I'm curious about the growth of SirenSong.

r0kk3rz's picture

I would imagine in this player it would be a big mess also, as it works in a similar way.

I'm not a huge fan of Jolla's Media app either, hence writing my own. I think there is room for several music players as everyone has a particular style they like and its not always feasable to have it all in the one app. That way people can choose whatever fits best for them.

Sort by directory is certainly possible, I can think of a few ways that I could do that, i'd have to think about how I could set out the UI nicely