SMPC [fork]

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SMPC is an full featured MusicPD (MPD) client, which is a port of symbian application qmobilempd, and created by djselbeck ( I am aware a fork already exists (, but doesn't show much development and my pull request on github is not merged nor rejected for over a year now. So I decided to release my own fork. It should have most, if not all changes from fooxl included, and on top of that additional changes (see the changelog). My main goal is to iron out some annoyances, no major overhaul. Be aware that if you decide to use the metadata, artists images are no longer available for download (only an image of a star is shown). Sources on github:


    • Added replace playlist option
    • Added some space between icon and text in filebrowser
    • Added discrete background bar for now playing item in playlist
    • Fixed error preventing translation for some strings
    • Spanish translation updated
    • Hide pulley menu when empty on current song page
    • Albums and artists with quotes in names should now display their artwork correctly
    • Updated Spanish and Swedish
    • Do not show custom speedscroller when pulley is active
    • Added previous song button to coverpage
    • Changes in About page
    • Fixed multiple issues with song removal on playlistpage
    • Disable Orientation.PortraitInverted mode
    • Minor layout improvements in "Add url" and "Save playlist" pages
    • Lots of internal restructuring by Fuchsmich
    • Reduce textfade effect, so it more resembles the default textfade
    • Replaced red text by bold text and exclamation mark on database page
  • Swedish translation added thanks Eson57
    • Rewrite of c++ code listing albums (thanks Fuchsmich)
    • Redesign of Database settings page
    • More parts that have Spanish translation
    • German translation updated (thanks Inta)
    • Translated Spanish part extended (thanks carlosgonz)
    • Replaced 'Delete playlist' dialog screen by a remorse timer
    • Makeover Server profile edit page (old PR smortex)
  • (changes contributed by Inta)
    • Improved stop icon
    • German translation fixed
    • Some code cleanup
    • Stop icon: support light themes and scale for higher resolution
    • Other small layout changes
    • Use clear bold text in playlist instead of more fuzzy glass effect
    • Start terms with capital letter
    • Fix issue with double quotes in artistname
    • Compact info on song playing page, so more info fits on page without scrolling
    • Added small progress bar on top of media-button panel