Captain's Log (updated)

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This is an updated version of this app. I rewrote the user interface and introduced new features (see changelog). This is the only update in my repository; upcoming releases will again be in AlphaX2's repo.

Captain's Log is a simple diary application for keeping track of your thoughts.


  • lockscreen to restrict access
  • bookmark entries
  • add hashtags
  • browse your entries by different filters
  • export your data to different file formats

Note: Captain's Log can hide your entries behind a protection code but it's nothing special. Your data is neither encrypted nor otherwise protected against a bad guy with physical access to your device.

Captain's Log is written in pure Python and QML. It is free software released under the GNU GPL v3+. The source code is available here:

(All texts used in the screenshots are random quotes from "Walden" by H. D. Thoreau.)



Application versions: 
File harbour-captains-log-2.0.0-1.noarch.rpm136.46 KB18/06/2020 - 15:02
File harbour-captains-log-2.0.0-2.noarch.rpm136.59 KB18/06/2020 - 16:02

* version 2.0.0-2 (2020-06-18):

- hotfix: fixed a typo in the German translation

* version 2.0.0-1 (2020-06-18):

- changes by ichthyosaurus (upcoming releases will again be in AlphaX2's repository):
- completely overhauled the user interface
- added the GPL where necessary
- added support for automated database schema upgrades
- changed the database layout (database updates itself)
    > added support for time zones
    > added field for possible future feature: audio notes
    > changed internal date format from "dd.MM.yyyy | hh:mm" to (standard) "yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss"
    > save seconds
    > renamed 'favorites' to 'bookmarks' (an important entry is not necessarily my favorite)
- added a new cover page
- simplified reloading, improving performance (changes no longer require a full reload)
- added new mood "not okay": "okay" is slightly positive, "not okay" is slightly negative; there is no "neutral" mood (database updates itself)
- refactored export features
    > made exports translatable
    > added new export options: plain markdown and markdown for pandoc
- updated the German translation to use polite "Sie"
- replaced app icon by new, more "sailfishy" variant
- implemented quickly changing the mood of an entry in the overview list
- implemented searching for entries between two dates


achilles07's picture

unable to edit created items. can you please check?

ichthyosaurus's picture

Sorry for the delay.

I'm using this version almost daily without any problems. Editing works fine. Can you explain how and when the error appears?