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gPodder downloads and manages free audio and video content ("podcasts") for you. Listen directly on your computer or on your mobile devices.

Requires SailfishOS >= 1.1 Powered by Python 3 and PyOtherSide.

This is the continueation of gpodder by Thomas Perl (@thp).

Sources available here:



Application versions: 
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.7.2-1.noarch.rpm186.72 KB23/09/2019 - 00:41
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.8.0-1.noarch.rpm189.27 KB31/10/2019 - 02:32
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.8.1-1.noarch.rpm190.45 KB05/11/2019 - 03:36
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.9.0-1.noarch.rpm192.28 KB10/12/2019 - 21:14
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.10.0-1.noarch.rpm198.45 KB04/03/2020 - 22:35
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.11.0-1.noarch.rpm200.25 KB10/04/2020 - 01:59
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.11.1-1.noarch.rpm200.4 KB10/04/2020 - 13:39
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.11.2-1.noarch.rpm200.53 KB29/04/2020 - 18:06
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.11.9-1.noarch.rpm201.18 KB01/10/2020 - 13:16
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.11.99-1.noarch.rpm201.57 KB12/02/2021 - 02:38
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.12.0-1.noarch.rpm201.5 KB17/02/2021 - 20:11
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.12.90-1.noarch.rpm202.52 KB31/12/2021 - 02:07
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.12.91-1.noarch.rpm202.39 KB24/02/2023 - 03:15
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.13.0-1.noarch.rpm204.42 KB13/04/2023 - 23:44
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.13.1-1.noarch.rpm204.48 KB14/04/2023 - 17:01
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.13.2-1.noarch.rpm204.57 KB30/08/2023 - 11:45
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.14.0-1.noarch.rpm203.78 KB02/10/2023 - 14:47
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.15.0-1.noarch.rpm193.15 KB01/04/2024 - 15:19
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.15.1-1.noarch.rpm205.04 KB15/04/2024 - 21:20
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.16.0-1.noarch.rpm204.21 KB22/05/2024 - 01:11
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.16.2-1.noarch.rpm204.77 KB25/06/2024 - 11:17
File harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish-4.16.3-1.noarch.rpm205.12 KB25/06/2024 - 15:03

4.16.2/4.16.3 - "Mesirut"

"Mesirut" means devotion, loyalty and/or dedication.

This is a point release since it mainly refines the previous release.

These are the changes:

  • Fixed Swedish translation by @eson57 - twice! 4.16.3 is just that, HUGE thanks!
  • The path for storing downloads is now set with a folderpicker instead of a freeform string.
  • It is now possible to create/remove a `.nomedia` file in the downloads path thus preventing gPodder related media from showing up in the gallery/media player.
  • The layout of the Settings page was overhauled to hopefully improve usability.

Thanks to my sponsors on github (@peperjohnny and @schmittlauch), please consider also sponsoring me.

4.16.0 - "Mesirut"

"Mesirut" means devotion, loyalty and/or dedication.

This release is mainly focused on settings, the following things were added/changed:

  • plugin is now disabled since seems to be non-functional and our attempts to reach out to its' maintainers have failed.
  • The upper and lower limits of the speed slider in the Player can be configured as well as the stepsize of the the slider.
  • An alternate download folder can be set, please note the following things:
    • The input is a string, you can write anything there make sure what you put there makes sense, if not it will be ignored.
    • After changing for the changes to take effect you need to restart gpodder
    • Moving of existing data has to be done by the user, if this is not done all previously downloaded episodes will be marked as deleted
    • If the path provided in the settings is not writable (eg. /root/) gpodder will revert to the default path.

Thanks to my sponsor on github (@peperjohnny), please consider also sponsoring me.

4.15.1 - "Gevura"

Thank you very much!

4.15.0 - "Gevura"

"Gevura" means heroism.

Lastly I have added the possibility to sponsor me on github, all support is much appreciated :)

4.14.0 - "Nachat"

"Nachat" literally resting/quietness but generally refers to the joy of parents seeing their kids accomplishments.

This release fixes itunes/apple podcast links when adding them directly and adds itunes search as well as the beginning of a video player.

Credit for the itunes search link to the Podcatcher team (another great SFOS podcast client).

4.13.2 - "Osher"

Fixes apple podcast link handling, this is an inbetween/pre release on OpenRepos I hope to add apple podcast search soon too.

4.13.1 - "Osher"

Swedish translation fix by eson57

Harbour compatibility fixes by Keeper-of-the-Keys with the help of vige from Jolla.

4.13.0 - "Osher"

"Osher" means happiness.

We add playback rate control, please note that it is not the stablest of things but since this is also the case for other media applications that use it we're still adding it.

Sadly we lost access to the soundcloud API and were unable to find a solution for it so the UI no reflects this.

It is possible to add SC podcasts by using the generic RSS links, the general form of these links is$ID/sounds.rss and the ID can be seen in the URL when browsing the SC website.

Other than this we have some SFOS 4.5 cleanups also I discovered that the Sailfish IDE builds RPMs that are not compatible with older versions of SFOS so I was unable to check if we broke stuff for older devices.

Contributors (in order of merged commits):

4.12.91 - minor SFOS 4.5 fixes


This release adds speed adjustment, however it seems to not be very stable.

I have been sitting on this version since SFOS 4.2 landed, SFOS 4.2 adds pitch adjustment making speed adjustment useable, however when the playbackrate is changed gPodder sometimes crashes and other stability issues are seen, I haven't had the time to really try to debug these crashes but I also want to allow people who are willing to deal with this to do so.

Soundcloud has changed their API and so far I have not had the time to fix the Soundcloud plugin.

Help is welcome at

Note this is not a tagged release on github, it is the head of this branch:

4.12.0 - "Malkosh"

Malkosh is the last rain of the season, this is hopefully not the last release I'll do but I will need to find a new series of codenames.

This release is way overtime and sorry for that, I have had a very busy life for the past 10 month, it brings a ton of improvements by thigg and others here we go (in merge order):

- Visual improvements to Episode display by sfbg
- Date published added to episode list by thigg
- Updated Spanish translation by carmenfdezb
- Detached from gpodder-ui-qml making maintenance simpler by Keeper-of-the-Keys
- Updated Chinese translation by dashinfantry
- SFOS 3.4 EA compatibility work by Keeper-of-the-Keys
- Python default loglevel is now info by thigg
- Asynchronous image loading by thigg
- Code cleanup by thigg
- Parallel podcast refresh by thigg
- Add episode count to filters by sfbg
- SailfishOS 4.0 compatibility by Keeper-of-the-Keys
- Dynamic Episode Art loading by Keeper-of-the-Keys

Full details of version history can be found here:


Overmann's picture

Search has not worked for me for a very long time, across multiple OS versions and two different xperia devices, but I dont see it mentioned here. I've reinsralled the app several times as well but gpodder search just never finds anything. The only way for me to add podcasts is to add an rss, which is a pain. Apple podcast search also just hangs there.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Hey Overmann,

Thanks for your feedback, I'm sorry to hear that apple podcast search is not working, can you please open an issue on github ( with more details?

Either logs or the search/podcast you are trying.

On my phone things work, apple podcast search basically just extracts the RSS link from apple and adds it.

As for search as far as I can tell is having issues, the gPodder team has tried reaching out to the maintainers but so far we have not received a reply.

Maximilian1st's picture

Hi, is there a way to save the podcasts on the SDcard?

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

As far as I know people have done this by creating symlinks, there is currently no method in the GUI to do this.

yusssufff's picture

Hi,  Since sailjail's implementation, without using openrepos it isnt possible to delete the cache (mashka or file manager do not have acces to those files).  So the non openrepos user can end up with uncontrolable amount of files lost in cache space...  What about the idea to put the downloaded tracks somewhere else than in cache? Thats how it is done with the app Podcatcher and its easier to manage and delete downloaded files...  Another idea would be 'clear cache' option within the app ...

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Hey I have been playing around with this idea, the main reason I have so far not proceeded with this is that I don't take deleting files on a users device lightly.

PRs are always welcome.

yusssufff's picture

Hi! Would it be possible to backport the 4.5 fixes to the Jolla Store version maybe?

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

I'm having some issues with harbour but hope I'll be able to publish a new version there soon.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

With the help of Vige from Jolla the issues were resolved and the package is now awaiting Jolla review, the package in Harbour and OpenRepos are now identical.

lpr's picture

"Powered by Python 3 and PyOtherSide and Python3-gst " would be great because using gstreamer directly would bring pitch adjustment/making speed adjustment as well as equalizer possibilities to all SFOS versions (even before 4.2) while gpodder remains noarch

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Do you have examples of other FOSS SFOS projects that use this?

lpr's picture

no, but it would perfectly make sense (all gstreamer options available in python3)

currently I use customized version of ( ) to play mp3-podcast-file URLs copied to clipboard from e.g. Audiothek

on Desktop there are apps like cozy(audio-book-player), lollypop(gnome-music-player), pogo(simple-audio-player) or pitivi(video-editor) that use python3-gst ...

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

At the moment we use SFOS Silica/QML elements (like QML MediaPlayer) I suspect switching to this way of interacting with multimedia would be non-trivial, but we do accept pull requests if you want to have a crack at it :).

(Also is your library allowed in harbour?)

ar0's picture

Thank you so much for the playback speed!

Brummkreisel's picture

would it be possible to decrease the numbers of files gPodder keeps? I'm running out of diskspace and I really don't need 100 episodes from each podcast...

KeeperoftheKeys's picture


As far as I know gPodder in and off itself only keeps the covers of podcasts (in the past also episodes but that has been removed), all other files are downloaded by request by the user and can be deleted by the user when done with them.

I have been thinking of trying to add a per-podcast button to clear all downloaded files or something along those lines though but in general doing such things seems very risky to me.

Brummkreisel's picture

I used gPodder on Ubuntu years ago and there it had the option to clean up the files after a variable amount of days if played.

For me it's also okay to delete the files manually, I only thought I missed a setting somewhere.

Thank you for the fast response, great app!


KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Hey everyone,

I started work on in-app video playback, right now it's just very simple indeed but if there are people who would like to do pre-alpha testing let me know.


bionade24's picture

Hi, are you planning to add support to the app?

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Hey sorry about the delayed response to the GitHub issue.

I'm happy to look at patches that add this.

People who want to be in the loop on this feature it is tracked here:

ummon's picture


seems like SailfishOS (Early Access) shows no buttons with gpodder 4.11.9. The App starts fine and everything with pulley menus woks, but everywhere where buttons are expected (play, download etc) only an empty backgroundfield is shown and no interaction is possible.

Thanks for your work on this great App.

Edit: The problem is found. Until a proper fix is ready a workaround can be found here:

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Please try 4.11.99

I still want to add a few features before releasing 4.12

ninepine's picture

@keeperofthekeys thanks for the quick response and fix. Great App.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

You're welcome, lots of thanks should go to all the other contributors and the original author (thp) I merely stand on the shoulders of giants.

ninepine's picture

Subscriptions have disappeared in SF3.4. Hope this is a known issue and something a release soon will fix please? Really good app when working. :)

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

Thanks for the report!

It seems Jolla made a booboo and forgot to install python3-sqlite in the update which not only breaks our stuff but also theirs, the fix is simple - devel-su pkcon install python3-sqlite

To try and prevent this from happening we'll also put out a release with python3-sqlite added as an explicit dependency soon.

bionade24's picture

Jolla hasn't made an mistake. Sqlite3 is in the python3 standard library for a long time. For me, there is no python3-sqlite package available on, so I can't install your latest update. Please revert adding it as an dependency.

KeeperoftheKeys's picture

You are correct partially - until SFOS 3.4 Jolla bundled python3 and sqlite binding into a single package, now they split them into separate packages. I'm trying to find the correct syntax for the spec file to allow the rpm to install on SFOS 3.3 too (make the dependency only apply on SFOS >= 3.4)

yusssufff's picture

Hi! just wondering why the naming 'Yoreh, Tal, Matar, Geshem"?


KeeperoftheKeys's picture

I wanted something that has multiple words to describe more or less the same thing so all these are words that describe a form of rain, there is one more name left in that series and then I'll need to pick a new theme.