Daily Comics

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Daily Comics

Daily Comics is an simple to use comic strips and cartoon reader for SailfishOS, which allows for adding new comics / cartoons easily.


  • Select your favorite comics for quick access
  • Retrieve new strips automatically on app start
  • Show basic information about a comic
  • View all new strips consequtively
  • Indicate unread strips on the app cover
  • Save strips to the gallery / filesystem
  • Share strips via MMS, Bluetooth etc.
  • Zoom strips arbitrarily for readability
  • Full support for landscape orientation
  • Support for animated GIFs
  • Each comic uses an individual plugin
  • Provides comics and cartoons in various languages
  • Covers a multitude of topics and styles

Translating Daily Comics (l10n / i18n)

If you want to translate Daily Comics to a language it does not support yet or improve an extant translation, please read the translations-README.

Reporting issues, filing suggestions, asking for help

Shall be performed with one of the issue templates at Daily Comics' issue tracker.

Application versions: 
File harbour-dailycomics-1.9.95-beta1.i486.rpm9.65 MB25/03/2024 - 04:25
File harbour-dailycomics-1.9.95-beta1.aarch64.rpm9.65 MB25/03/2024 - 04:25
File harbour-dailycomics-1.9.95-beta1.armv7hl.rpm9.64 MB25/03/2024 - 04:25