by sarkh
Journey planner for Helsinki & Tampere area - fork of Jopas originally forked from Meegopas. Features:
by osetr
Application Data Cleaner for Sailfish OS
  Chinese google pinyin keyboard for Sailfish. Very thanks to mumudada and gexc Source code can be found at
by slava
E-book reader for Sailfish OS. The core functionality is based on FBReader source code with a few modifications. In theory, it should be able to...
A camera icon button for the image overlay in jolla-gallery, allowing the user to open the camera directly from the gallery Built on SailfishOS 2.2.0...
EVIL-DOER is a program used to define and manage scripts for Sailfish OS using python, dbus-monitor, and timeclient. You can schedule scripts to run...
by ade
Control your MiLight (or compatible) RGBW led light bulb via a connected WiFi receiver bridge (v4). Should work with the following brands of RGBW...
by kempe
*** If you are not from sweden it makes no sense to install :D *** This is a unofficial client for From
Pan Bikes is an application for Sailfish OS to view the locations and real-time occupancy of city bike stations. It primarily uses the API...
by aviarus
On Oneplus X there was a path different.  The path /sys/devices/virtual/android_usb/android0/f_mass_storage/lun/file should be /sys/devices/virtual/...
by aviarus
Due to outdated port of sfos for onda tablet ISODrive wasn't working so i used the sdk for and used the initial release of ISODrive to...
by aviarus
For tablets with sfos version, because this is the recent onda port. I compiled this port from Mnemosyne (a spaced repetition flashcard...
by aviarus
I compiled this port from Mnemosyne (a spaced repetition flashcard application) for Sailfish arm and I modified it to support Htmltags to be able to...
Similar to StartAsRoot for CargoDock, but created as patch. It add indicators "NEMO" and "ROOT" to the cover (see screenshot) and you also can open...
Version 0.1-2  (minor update) Rewording of patch files and minor cosmetics. This patch simply increases the size of the text selection markers in...
by aviarus
I compiled this port from Mnemosyne for Sailfish arm and I modified it to support Htmltags to be able to include pictures (maybe only paths to the...
by aviarus
Hungarian language resources for OKboard gesture based keyboard (dictionary & prediction data). Created from a Corpus file from a romanian chat...
Version 0.1-2  (minor update) Long press anywhere on the weather banner rather than aiming for the small 'powered by Foreca' text.   Built directly...
Say hello to Wunderfitz, your dictionary and translation app! Wunderfitz supports dictionary export files and already includes the...
by Wedmer
Work continued from unreleased 0.2.3 version from ftp branch. It may have decreased functionality. New (v2) DropBox API is now supported but wasn't...
AllRadio is an easy to use radio player for online streaming radio.
by jobe
NEWS: Added Keepass 2 write support Please report any problems you might have here. I use this version to test Keepass 2 write support with a wider...
by Carolus
Your mobile podcast client for Jolla SailfishOS. Podcatcher for SailfishOS is your intelligent podcast client for the Jolla smartphone. You can...
by dfstorm
Small theme from the Oranchelo icon theme. Note: Only contain 19 icons. It's why I call it "small". I will probably add more over time. Look at the...