Run File Browser with super user privileges. (For version 2.0.0+.) USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This app can be used to corrupt files on the phone and make...
Fernweh is a Flickr client for Sailfish OS With Fernweh and your Flickr account you have access to many of the world's best photos - directly on your...
A simple to-do list manager for keeping track of what has to be done next. Features: multiple projects recurring entries today's unfinished entries...
A streaming music player, playing music from, The platform for independent music. This app is still a work in progress. It is usable but...
by coderus
DO NOT INSTALL ON SAILFISH OS 3.4 AND LATER! SAILFISH OS 3.4 HAVE BROKEN OVERLAYS   Simple colored line on top of everything to display battery...
by ade
Just some quick and dirty scaling added now Jolla brings proper compass support to Xperia X with the release of 2.2.1 Nurmonjoki. Original version by...
by rinigus
collectd is a daemon which collects system performance statistics periodically and provides mechanisms to store the values in a variety of ways, for...
by slava
Sharing plugin for converting text to QR or Aztec code. Works with e.g. Jolla Notes, Browser and Contacts. Source code:
Tweaks for the Jolla e-mail client in SailfishOS Based on my previous works published on Thanks to favracaro for patch idea
by lpr
Orc is a library and set of tools for compiling and executing very simple programs that operate on arrays of data. The "language" is a generic...
by coderus
Patchmanager 3 public beta Make sure to unapply patches before upgrade from Patchmanager 2. Installation will fail if any patch is applied. If you...
by osetr
Native sound recorder for Sailfish OS
An easy to use audio & video encoder based on ffmpeg.  Encode allows you to convert audio & video files to many different formats supporting...
by nephros
The olsrd mesh routing daemon.
by fifr
Description A camera scanning application. Take new pictures from the camera or the gallery Colorized, monochromatic and black/white pictures create...
简单来说,一言(ヒトコト)指的是就是一句话,可以是动漫中的台词,可以是小说中的语句,也可以是网络上的各种小段子。 或是感动,或是开心,又或是单纯的回忆,来到这里,留下你所喜欢的那一句句话,与大家分享,这就是一言存在的目的。 把玩方法:摇一摇或大力吹一吹,[滑稽] 官网地址:http://...
by MartinK
modRana is a flexible GPS navigation system for mobile Linux devices. Currently supported features @ Sailfish:
A simple app for searching the Swiss phone directories using the public API. Features: search for names, numbers, services, etc. specify...
by nephros
A keyboard layout for FingerTerm intended for playing NetHack. 
by syrja
Sailfish port of SpeedCrunch calculator. Based on the original port by @qwazix. Updated to the latest SpeenCrunch engine and fixed UI for Sailfish X...
by AlphaX2
Captain's Log is just a little nice diary application, written in pure Python and QML with the following features: lockscreen to restrict the access...
Generates L. Ron Hubbard name. Give the desired first, middle and last name, and this application will automatically generate L. Ron Hubbard name....
by Morc
Note: This application is mainly for Slovak users of Sailfish OS. I didn't even intend translating this into English (maybe sometimes, but not in the...
This software attempts to implement the Stroke Order Chinese Input Method as found in other Nokia Symbian phones sold in Mainland China, Hong Kong,...