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Remote control for logitech media server aka squeezeserver. Enables you to control your players with your phone, including:. Logitech SqueezeBoxes, Logitech UE, piCoPlayer etc.

This is a fork from fholmer's squeeze-ui-remote. Thank you very much for the great work !

  • localization support
  • search in libraries


source code:





i486 and arch64 builds are now also available via chum starting with version 3.3.0



Application versions: 

- [Feature] Search

- better storage of settings


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Update: my sdk is setup again and app buildable

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Thank you for your effort. Tried it, unfortunately it just give me a plain white screen.

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Hopefully an update will come, maybe aarch64.

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yes, the first version did not work. unfortunately i have moved to /e/ os. not sure if i stay there. i bought a gs290 so: /e/, vollaos, ubuntu and community-port sfos should runt on it. but currently i am quite happy with /e/. obviously i will not buy an xperia 10 II in near future, so 64bit are even less impoortant to me.
i have lost my source btw too, after my laptop crashed a year ago. i know bad me. but yeah thats the current state. not very promissing

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i can do an aarch64 build but not test it.

give me some time

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I have included your translation in 0.3.2. can you please test it ?

Thanks !

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You need to accept me to join you team first .Not join you team yet so I can not translate you apps.

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I will translate it to Chinese as soon as I can.~( ̄▽ ̄~)~

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I am looking forward to you works.~( ̄▽ ̄~)~

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 I can translate It to Chinese If you build a Transifex page.

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i have added chinese, but i can not invite you as your profile seems private.

you need to apply for a role and i can then accept

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have added localization to app. transifex is there. which language do you need ?

if you are quick (the next few days), i might include translation within one week. else you will need to wait few months. 

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package missing

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payment missing

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Very Good .Thanks!