Converts phone into remote microphone and speaker for Snips voice assistant system.

Snips ( provides voice assistant system that doesn’t require external cloud service. All processing (including voice) is entirely done locally, on device where Snips is installed.

Snipek acts as remote microphone and speaker. It connects to Snips as an additional audio server. It sends audio stream captured from the microphone and plays audio files received from the Snips system.




The development of all my apps (except for BeRail) will be resumed after Q4 2019 due my master thesis. You can still report bugs, ask for new features, ... in the mean time! The last update until then will be V4.6-5.

Sailfinder is an unofficial Tinder client for Sailish OS.


A totally unofficial UI for get_iplayer, the unofficial tool for accessing BBC iPlayer TV and radio programmes.

This version should work without the need to install any separate packages, but may not work outside the UK. It's been tested on a Jolla One, Jolla C and Xperia X, but please share your experiences in the comments.

GetiPlay on GitHub:


GetPocketSharePlugin - transfer engine plugin for adding bookmarks to your account via share menu.

IMPORTANT: NEED LinksBag application from openrepos or official store for authorization

Donations are welcome:




LinksBag - this is an unofficial client with almost full implemented api. There is read mode too.

IMPORTANT#1: If you want add bookmarks to your account - install GetPocketSharePlugin

IMPORTANT#2: You should update getpocketshareplugin to use it with new LinksBag v3.0

IMPORTANT#3: Select full refresh in settings to get all functions work correctly

Donations are welcome:



WARNING: Before install version 0.1.2 successfully remove old version (bacuse for i change RPM's package name)
WARNING: This version compiled with Sailfish SDK, and incompatible with newer versions of SailfishOS, 

Mattermost - is private cloud chat. And this is a native SailfishOS client for Mattermost. 
This is early alpha version. The client is in active development.
What is done:


! for Sailfish use that package

Mattermost - is private cloud chat. And this is a native SailfishOS client for Mattermost. 
This is early alpha version. The client is in active development.
What is done:

Patch: Instantly hide pin digits

This patch simply instantly hides the typed digits when inserting lock or pin code.

UPDATE: since sfos digits are immediatly obfuscated when inserting the device lock code, but they aren't when inserting the pin code; that means that since version 0.2-1 this patch is needed only to hide digits when inserting the pin.

Tested only on jolla 1, OS version:

- From sfos, use version 0.2-2;

- From sfos 2.0.2 up to sfos 2.1.4, use version 0.1-1.


Fastmail icon

Create icon of your specific contact for fast mail from the desktop.
Inspired by this thread: Mail to self with one button

Requires: ImageMagick
Developer mode should be activated when you create icon!

Android apps notifications

This app will allow you add your prefered android apps to Jolla notifications.
Inspired by this thread:

If you want more apps here, send request with name of app and name of process. For example for Skype app:
To find process name of your app, run as ROOT:
systemctl status aliendalvik.service


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