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AcFun (API Repaired Version)

AcFun 弹幕视频客户端 原作者: Yeates(夜切) 更新日期: 2018.03.27 第11次修复


This app is intended for Dutch users only

Welkweer is a dutch app, providing weather info for the Netherlands. The info is mainly from, but also from

It currently supports:

Glibc 2.23 (JollaPhone)

!! JollaC/aquafish/INOI NOT SUPPORTED !! Snapdragon ≥ 400 required !!
derived from glibc-2.23-0ubuntu10 + ported mer-core-patches

before you proceed, take a look here:

Known Issues: it seems Jolla store-client will not launch anymore (so you have to go back to 2.19 to use it)

Cargo Dock

Work continued from unreleased 0.2.3 version from ftp branch.

It may have decreased functionality.

New (v2) DropBox API is now supported but wasn't tested well.

Alternative UI can be enabled from options. Also it wasn't tested.

Please report bugs at project page.



Manage your daily tasks and notes via your Sailfish smartphone. You can organize them in multiple lists and mark every done task or note as completed.

The Cover has several options which list is shown.

IMPORTANT: Please help us to translate TaskList to your language:

Don't hesitate to like the app and/or leave a comment. This keeps me motivated. ;-)

Please post bugs, feature requests or suggestions on the Github page or in the comment section.


HabitSailor is a work-in-progress Habitica client for SailfishOS developped by Jérémy Farnaud. It will progressively implement features of the API starting with the most important ones. As it is not yet complete, it can be seen as a sidekick to the main web application.

HabitSailor is Free Software, released under GPLv3. Artwork is CC-BY-SA 3.0. (see LICENCE file for details)


Sailunit offers an insight into the various systemd unitfiles

Needs systemd 225+git5-1.15.2(SFOS build for displaying unitfile content!

Sources on github


Use your SailfishOS device to boot GNU/Linux Hybrid ISO images on your PC.

If you encounter any issues, set the USB mode to "Charging only" in the Settings app.


You can donate to the project through:


Flattr: @beidl


Gopherette is an alpha Gopher-space browser for your SailfishOS-powered phone. It is distributed under the GPL-3 licence.

It features the following functions:


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