Stream content from your mobile to UPnP/DLNA devices.


Find a bike in your city!

This app provides a simple interactive map displaying all bike share stations by city, their number of available bikes and free parking spots, and the geolocation. You can also save your favourites stations and see their status on the cover.

500+ cities in 50+ countries, check in the app if yours is there ;)

File Manager

A comprehensive file manager for your Nokia N9. File Manager is the best file manager application for your Nokia N9. Simple to use and with a native look and feel, you can view, copy, move, rename, delete and share files with ease


Customize the low power mode operator logo. Please note that while the application does not put any limitation on what image you select, unless the image is black and white it will most likely not look like expected.

Clock Settings

Settings page for the Jolla clock, which allows changing volume and snooze interval for the clock alarm. The default interval (5 min) was too short for me. Some people don't like the default alarm volume. Doesn't affect calendar alarms.

Source code: https://github.com/monich/openrepos-clock-settings


Sailunit offers an insight into the various systemd unitfiles

Needs systemd 225+git5-1.15.2(SFOS build for displaying unitfile content!


Sources on github

Beerware [fork]

This is a fork of the original Beerware application by Lechindianer which now is unmaintained. Below is the original description.

You know the situation too well: You're in a bar/disco you don't visit frequently.  You order a beer but... oh no! What a horrible taste!  Then you remember: you ordered this beer last time --- you just didn't remember that you disliked it.

Beerware will make you remember. You can save and rate beers and view a sorted list of your tried beers.


Organize your life better by keeping track of your daily tasks.

Ever forgot to water your plants, walk your dog, charge your phone? Never again. Daily lets you specify things you want to do every day, and it will allow you to mark them as done, and also automatically reset them every day.


See what's happening in the world right now. From breaking news and entertainment, sports, and politics, to big events and everyday interests.

If it's happening anywhere, it's happening on Twitter. Get the full story as it unfolds, with all the live commentary.


LinksBag - this is a getpocket.com client with almost full implemented api. There is read mode too.

Help with translations: https://www.transifex.com/maledictus/harbour-linksbag/dashboard/

Sources: https://github.com/Maledictus/harbour-linksbag

Compatibility with tablet was not proved

IMPORTANT: If you want add bookmarks to your account - install GetPocketSharePlugin


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