Patch: Show all indicators on lockscreen

Makes Bluetooth and Location indicators visible on lock screen and thus on Sneak Peek.


Feature request on TJC

Requires patchmanager

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Patch: Lock screen media buttons

V0.1 on 1.1.9+ (still usable on 2.0.2) shows semi-transparent previous/next buttons on lockscreen when they are inactive, i.e. there's no previous/next track.

V0.2+ on 2.0.2+ also moves the buttons to bottom of the lockscreen when there's no ongoing call.

V0.4 on 2.1.1 won't move the buttons again.

Requires patchmanager

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Patch: Settings for Messages layout

Adds features to Messages app:

Patch: Notes app cover

It's highly recommended to first UNAPPLY and then uninstall old versions (i.e. 2.1.4-1, 0.3-1 and older) before installing any other versions.

Modifies Notes app cover to:

1. Make the note text legible – good for using as a simple task/shopping list;

2. Add cover actions to switch between notes;

3. Show note color tag.


Requires patchmanager.

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Patch: Operator name on bottom

A simple patch to force single-SIM devices to show the operator name on the bottom of the lock screen. This just looks cleaner and more consistent – I believe.

Tested on JP1, SFOS v2.1.2.

Requires Patchmanager


A ftp server by python(It's http really,but like ftp)

Use 9537 port on jolla.

You must connect to wifi and start this app,it will show the url you can visit

This core code is written by xrzs@oschina

I port it to python3 version and port it to sailfish ;)

Please update to 0.4.2 version

IRC for Sailfish (communi)

This an updated version of IRC for Sailfish with updated components from the main project

and some features that are not merged (yet). Every change is listed in the changelog below.

The first and foremost IRC client for Sailfish, based on the Communi IRC framework.

Patch: Camera overlay & colored bezel

Set camera overlay more transparent, change bezel color and add timer to viewfinder.
Thanks to Ancelad for colored slider and to Coderus for help with darker colors.

- For v2.2.0.29 and above.

- For v2.1.2.3 and above.

- For v2.1.1.23 and above.

- Fix syntax error -> basel = bezel

- Initial release.
- Compatible with v2.1.1.12

Patch: Settings app cover

Returns transfer progress circle to Settings app cover. This will be usefull as there's no notification to show download/upload progress by now.


Requires patchmanager.

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Stream content from your mobile to UPnP/DLNA devices.


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