InfraView displays info about your current network environment.

Currently offering:

  • External IP info
  • Local IP info
  • Devices in network (nmap)
  • ARP cache table info/clearing
  • Local network port connections (netstat)

Uses python-nmap, nmap

Mensaplan Uni Ulm + HS Ulm

Speisepläne für

  • Mensa Uni Ulm
  • Cafeteria B
  • Bistro
  • Cafeteria West
  • WestSideDiner
  • SouthSide
  • Hochschule Ulm (Prittwitzstraße)


MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files.

Added as backend for mediainfo-gui




encfs-1.8.1 - Encrypted pass-thru filesystem for Linux

mount ~/encrypted_dir to ~/mountpoint:


encfs -o allow_other ~/encrypted_dir ~/mountpoint


"- o allow_other" is needed if you want to see the files with filemanager and play music/videos. otherwise files can only be seen and modified in terminal.

unmount ~/mountpoint:


Vodman enables you to save videos from popular sites such as Youtube or Twitch to your device. 

Simply copy the URL of the VOD to the clipboard. Then, open Vodman and use the pull down menu to start the download. 

You don't need to keep the app open, downloads will finish in the background.

Decided you didn't want a VOD after all? No problem, cancel the download and optionally delete the file.


This is still in beta!

You may (or may not) still encounter issues. (please report them if you do)

A patchmanager alternative for Sailfish OS which doesn't modify any files on disk.
Please read this thread before installing.

If you installed this manually before (without this package) simply remove /etc/ and install this package.

After installing you may have to reboot before patches take effect.

Ohm [fork]

A helper tool for electronic parts.

Fork of



  • SMD Resitor Calculator
  • Resistor with colorrigns calculator
  • Capacitor calculator
  • Induction colorrings calculator
  • DMX-512 dip switch calculator

Equations for:


Unofficial native client for Sailfish OS

Hungarian Keyboard with Arrows

Hungarian keyboard with 2 or 4 arrow keys for SailfishOS 2.1.0.x and up. Includes the official Jolla provided Hungarian layout from 2.1.4.x along with the previous unofficial qwertz layout (which has been renamed).

After install, please enable wanted keyboards in Settings->System->Text Input->Keyboards.

Requires package Arrow Keyboard Common. If it isn't automatically installed, please install manually.

Arrow Keyboard Common

** This is a dependency package **

For use with SailfishOS 2.1.0.x and up.

Includes common files for arrow key functionality to e.g. Czech, English, Greek, Finnish, Latvian & Swedish arrow keyboard packages. Just installing this on its own won't magically provide any default system keyboards with arrow keys.

Thanks to people in Jolla, TJC & TMO.


Coffee/tea/beer welcome: 1G3XkcF3NR5UNhua6CiBCYZnFPA6LS2jPg


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