SailfishOS Theme for Harmattan

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Do you want to sail? Well, come in my boat...


This BETA-version is provided to you “as is.” Any use of this theme is at your own risk. If you don’t like this theme – just remove it. Not for commercial use. Any attempt of commercial use will be regarded as an extreme degree of sodomy.

Forbidden to spread to other sites and forums for several reasons. But you can give direct link to this thread.




1) I don’t use N9QuickTweak. Any conflicts caused by this app will not be considered.

2) This is BETA-version for public test. Theme contains some bugs, but work in progress - I’m going to fix all mistakes to reach maximal similarity of Sailfish UI.

3) You should place your bugreports (or your wishes) here with English or Russian description. Also you should post screenshots with marked mistakes. Thanks in advance.

4) Some QML-applications look very strange – it seems no way to fix them, but I will try. 

5) Some graphic-elements were taken directly from Sailfish SDK, but theme doesn’t contain Sailfish-iconpack. Certainly, you can install it separately.

6) You should enable my Openrepos-repository to get updates and dependencies. It is easy to do via WareHouse.



My beloved - for her patience;
Markku Korhonen (@_MK99) - consultations;
Andrey Kozhevnikov (@iCODeRUS) - consultations, settings-applet example;
Ivan Smolentsev (@iSmolentsev) - keyboard graphics;
Denis Kalinin (@Fell_x27) - advices;
Ruslan Burkhanov (rbur) - some applications icons;
Evgeny Kudinov (@plazmatics) - calendar-icons, Photoshop advices.


1) Eat some cookies

2) Install deb-file via WareHouse

3) Switch theme with Themechanger

4) Reboot your phone

5) Change folder-transparency, operator name and background image (portrait_noblur.png) with HomeScreenSettings application

6) Enjoy

Probably, you will get some installation troubles, if so - just remove old version and make clean installation.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

1) Question: I can't install this theme, I have "Installation interrupted/try again" message...

Answer: try this or this

2) Question: I don't like Jolla icons...

Answer: look at the Ambiance Settings

3) Question: I don't like this theme and I want to remove it...

Answer: switch theme to blanco (or other one) and go to terminal:

apt-get purge sailfish

This will remove theme and restore all changed files. Also you can remove this theme as usual application - result will be the same.

4) Question: I want to change background...

Answer: look at the Ambiance Settings

Support theme


Demo-video by @iSmolentsev


Application versions: 
File sailfish_1.0.5_armel.deb12.37 MB27/02/2015 - 21:50
File sailfish_1.0.4_armel.deb12.23 MB11/02/2015 - 21:51
File sailfish_1.0.6_armel.deb12.48 MB11/07/2015 - 20:24
File sailfish_1.0.6b_armel.deb12.48 MB13/12/2015 - 23:05

1.0.6: This is the last release of this project. Goodbye, my dear sailors. NOTE: you install this build at your own risk, this build is without normal testing stage (as-is after building)

1.0.6b - fixed keyboard appearance


Anthony65's picture

v0.0.7 is really great, icons and elements like call ui are awesome.

also like the new backgrounds.

only one thing I have to mention is when I open camera app and go to settings in landscape mode, they're not full visible (example in landscape I only see 7Mpx and half of 6Mpx, but not 3Mpx settings), to see all settings have to turn to portrait mode.

But all in all this is really great work!


Ancelad's picture

Oh, you're right, I will fix it

manishd's picture to install iOS7 theme for Harmattan in my nokia n9....plz,advice and help me....i trust it........i have lot of try this install but not an install this.....!


manishd's picture

Hello,sir,i have problem to install selfish themes on my nokia n9 plz,help me....?


Ancelad's picture


kim42's picture

Thanks Ancelad, it worked ;)

kim42's picture

Hi, I have a little problem. After changing the theme back to 'normal' Swype keyboard still remains blue. I think this theme overrides some Swype configuration files. How can I get Swype back to normal?

Ancelad's picture

cp -rf /usr/share/themes/sailfish/meegotouch/.usr/backup/swype /usr/share/

nperrotta's picture

Hi I want to enlarge the fonts sms. As I can do? I have installed sailfish theme 0.0.6a . Thanks!!

Denis's picture

I tried to install the theme but i'm getting this error and the installation fails when status is 'Working...'

Operation failed: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) ...

It's strange because i could install an other theme, TransparentTheme from MK99. iOS7 theme failed too, but without an error. But probably related.

What to do?

Anthony65's picture

v0.0.6 is awesome!

great work.

osmingab85's picture

Hay alguna manera de programar el cambio de fondo automatico asi como lo hace el sailfish...???

temev's picture

Home screen settings does not show portrait_noblur.png. Otherwise it works ok, and looks nice, but I can't set the background.

Anthony65's picture

installed v 0.0.4a, it's nearly perfect. great elements and effects implented and works very smooth.

I never wanted to install themes on my N9, but your Sailfish theme changed my mind :)


Ancelad's picture

2) Left-sude is better: 

 a) SailfishOS has the same position

 b) we don't need to change reactive-margins to unlock device. 

 c) previous version of lockscreen also had hidden number etc.

4) I didn't change any logic - it is ALL native, but with new UI only.


Forgot about any settings in menu - this development is hobby, but I have a job to take money for life, I have a girlfriend, etc., so I haven't a lot of time to make all your wishes. As I said - theme is provided 'as-is'.

tqh258's picture

i think u ought add "one-click" bootvideo :-?. Noti in lockscreen ought be right, it better than left :-?
status menu have some bug when i use Coderus Unrestricted Systerm UI (Dual, offline, clock in LPS)
why don't u add new icon of skype and google talk :P
i think option bar should in the bottom because it blank in galery, it and search bar take a lot of area in contact :-?

Ancelad's picture

1) Forgot about 'one-click' anyway :) I don't want to do it anymore

2) Notifications on the left is right position

3) Unrestricted System UI bugs and notification icons will be fixed soon.

4) Search bar size is the same as in Harmattan, it has only new UI, no new size etc.


tqh258's picture

1) Ok

2) I think notifications on the right is better than left because u can see missed call, number of facebook notifications, mess ... more quickly
3) ok
4) it same but in Harmattan it auto hidden and the taskbar on the bottom so when virtual Keyboard appear it will hidden so they spend little area :-?
Why don't u make a setting menu of theme to anyone can change their appearance phone, if u can :D



Rafaelvlmendes's picture

Hi guys. Where are the themechanger to change theme? I search in my MeeGo and nothing : . Thank.

basil's picture
localhost's picture

Looks nice, thanks!

osmingab85's picture

brother, and how do I change the icons ..?


silverhook's picture

Brilliant theme! It was the first reason for me to finally change the default N9 theme!

Thank you very much, Ancelad. Please keep up the good work :)

Baranexp's picture

he desinstalado Sailfish Theme for Harmattan y aun al arrancar mi n9 me sale el logo de jolla y su música, como lo quito para que vuelva a sonar noka

mohsal_saleem's picture

I clicked the status bar and nothing has changed in status menu do i get those icons in there?

MK99's picture

You should update your system-ui-tool and/or -widgets.

Ancelad's picture

I don't know about tweaks applying, but I think they change blanco-theme and something in base. All changes you make at your own risk. Also no support for tweaked themes from me - CODeRUS is right.

isafdar's picture

@ancelad...... bro can you name The files Responsible For The CLOSE button effect on the multitasking screen

Ancelad's picture

meegotouchhome.css. Any mistake will break your phone.

nvlong's picture

I tried some tweaks, but no effect at all. May be he will apply in future