Patch: Eventsview controls. With settings applet.

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Patch for SailfishOS adding controls to eventsview page. This version contains settings applet you can use for selecting preferred behaviour of controls in eventsview.

Disable and uninstall old patch before installation.

Package for Patchmanager:


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Update for SailfishOS v1.1.7.24


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Can we have this on SFOS 2.x? For example, displaying first 3-4 rows and have a “Show more” option like notifications.

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After upgrading to SailfishOS the package will not install anymore.

I get this error:

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From description: Patch for SailfishOS

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Just to make it clear:

for SFOS, use patch version 0.0.19-1 (download, save, install manually)

for SFOS, use patch version 0.0.20-1

Correct? (edited)

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latest version is only for, not 1.1.7.xx
previous for, not for 1.1.6.xx

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i updated this patch earlier today and after that i went to my settings and my mobiledata toggle was disappeared. Toggling mobile data on and off from mobile network page works fine tho.
Another, bigger problem is that my eventsview/notification screen dont work anymore. Its just black. No way i could fix this? (i tried reboot, removing all the patches -still nothing) (and i cant install this patch in patchmanager) thanks

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ouh, and now i noticed that i cannot access to my sounds settings at all.

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So what? Go and repair your phone with, or do a factory reset.

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ok, i just wondered if i could fix this without factory reset. Already did it tho.

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Because it's not a place for asking such questions. Use forum or irc.

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Thanks... again!

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Thanks for update !

Data connection toggle seems to be broken. Can't click.

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it was never working

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Yep but i saw " yeah, you ruined dataconnection fix for eventsview  " on maemo talk .. :P
Thanks for update. The most usefull patch with launcher combined .. !

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Hope to see it on soon ..
Events view is really useless without this patch.

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Doesn't seem to work in for me.



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Let's give coderus some time - although I must say this patch has become integral to my user experience ;-)

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It showing like patch  is installed but when I try to  unapply I get :Failed to remove patch. Works fine ,before I installed jolla-lipstick-home-qt5.  Any hints how to fix it.

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so, why you did this without unapplying patches?

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Didn't know what I was doing I guess. Learning  and making mistakes, 

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you need to install also jolla-settings-system, jolla-settings-networking and jolla-settings-bluetooth packages

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спасибо Андрей

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What about ?

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it's working on also

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Thanks a lot for your work!

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The mobile data switch (in eventsview applet) allows turning it on, but not off. Allows on and off in the stock settings app.

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Doens't work with the newest update :(

Edit: Works again, thanks a lot.

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Fails to (re-)install with "Äijäpäivänjärvi" (silent unsollicited OS update).

Same for some other patches (e.g. launcher settings)

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Its working fine but just the four switches like the settings page. I'm not able to configure like the screenshots shown.

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you need to disable "Show only switch controls in grid" option