Patch: Eventsview controls. With settings applet.

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Patch for SailfishOS adding controls to eventsview page. This version contains settings applet you can use for selecting preferred behaviour of controls in eventsview.

Disable and uninstall old patch before installation.

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Update for SailfishOS v1.1.7.24


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Sorry for worring, I forgot to disable "Volume slider fix for control center" patch. Now it works fine. Great patch, thanks!

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You are awesome!!!! :-) Great patch!!

Thank you so much!!!

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Very great patch, but it will be awesome to have an option to place the buttons at the bottom of the screen instead of the top (easiest acces for the thumb) !

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it's not possible

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Thanks for this patch. I've really missed this feature.

However it seems like I found two bugs:

1) Hotspot shortcut doesn't work in eventview. Works from settings.

2) The feature "Align grid items to bottom" does nothing when enabled. A reboot didn't help.


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Checked and hotspot works for me from eventsview. I have no issues.

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Thanks for report. Will fix [1]. And effect of [2] you will see if you have switch and nornal button in same row. These items have different height.

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1) My fault. Had to enable under Settings after resetting the device some time ago.

2) Thanks.

3) So far the widgets I've tried works fine under event view, except disabling 3G. Enabling it works just fine, but I can't click it again to disable it. I has to use the widget in Settings to disable 3G. (Don't have 4G in data plan btw)

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what is it widget?

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When I go to event view (see picture below) and enable 3G by clicking on the widget (3nd first) I'll be correctly enabled, however I can't click on it again to disable from here. This is not a problem with the other widgets, which I can enable and disable just fine. Also in Settings I can enable and disable all widgets (incl. 3G).

Furthermore the widgets are not shown corrently as some of the bottom are missing. This is only a problem when using more than 4 widgets on a  row for me.

Things like clearing all massages from event view or rebooting the phone doesn't fix the issues.

My Jolla is fully updated, running the lastest update 10 and version 0.0.14 of this patch.

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Got same problem.

But i already got this problem when i was using the first event view control ( not by coderus )

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Using this patch with SailfishOS I still have problems using the mobile data widget.

If I try to disable it in events view it just blinks for a few secounds, and then continue to stay connected until I disable it from the control panel.

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I had the same problem. I unapplied the patch and restarted the phone. Then applied the patch once again and restarted the services by using the pulley menu. The data switch works fine after that.

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It works for me, i really can't fix it until i can't reproduce it :D

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how to install the old version?

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you can install only latest available version.

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i deactive and unistall the old version, it says that installation has aborted by user. what i did wrong?

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try new version

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Thanks - working now!

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Yep same for me. Managed to uninstall old patch by installing old version. But now I can not install new version (both 0.0.11 nor 0.0.12 are working).

Error while installing is:

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same for me

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cool, now install latest version i released many  hours ago :)

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yes, exatly same for me

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I updated to 0.0.10 and didn't deactivated the version earlier. Now I can not deactivate the old one and also can not install the new one. How can I deinstall the old version?

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i don't know, it's patchmanager bug. ask in forum thread please.

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Thanks for the patch. Works great!

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Thanks! You´re awsome! 

And Patch is also great! ;D

Fyi, if you have brightness slider added to the favourites (on the top), then it shows brightness instead of volume slider :)

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cool hidden feature indeed! :)

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Very useful patch!