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BETA. This application is still under active development. 

This is warehouse for Harmattan. If you are looking for sailfish version - check here Warehouse for SailfishOS

Warehouse is a native client for OpenRepos.net
Browse and install applications, enable repositories.

You need to enable application installation from uncertified sources:
Select Phone Settings and Applications > Installations, and activate Allow installations from non-Store sources.

You do not need to install application via dpkg or apt-get or use any kind of root mode at your phone.

Just download and tap to install.

If you cannot install warehouse on new or reflashed Nokia N9, consider using Warehouse-Installer

If warehouse does not start after upgrade, uninstall warehouse, and install latest version.

TMO support thread is open for discussions: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=91574

Application versions: 
File warehouse_0.1.8_armel.deb278.01 KB10/03/2014 - 22:04
File warehouse_0.1.9_armel.deb278.2 KB29/07/2014 - 12:18

warehouse (0.1.9) stable; urgency=low
* Application changelogs, rates, downloads


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Guys, why you are so stoned. There is a new client - MeeShop. Warehouse is no more.

Roche's picture

I've the same problem. Can't download any application from warehouse. I'm still clinging on to this phone and wanna stay like this till my N9 allows me. Please support us with the warehouse. 

Arthon's picture

still say network error , can you fix that app plz? . its important for us.

NemanjaPro0440's picture

it says network connection error

WunderWungiel's picture

Doesn't work after September 29 2021. Installed new ISRG Root X1 cert on N9 (PEM, cross-signed) - doesn't work, still Network connection error. Maybe try self-signed?

Or any other possibly fix?

okamiboi's picture

I wonder if I'm gonna get a response.

So, my phone isn't able to access openrepos.net, is there anything that I can do? Like, adding any certificate to support SSL.

Sadly, I'm not good at developement, so I'm not able to even ask for helping to push an update.

basil's picture

You can start with Warehouse-Installer, which will try to install new core certificates to the phone.

Another option is to manually add new deb repositories, and install apps from terminal. Repository is accessible via http, and signed by gpg.

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Still experiencing the "Network connection error".

I've started the application from terminal, hoping to get some more insight into what is going wrong, but this is all I got:


~ $ /opt/warehouse/bin/warehouse
DBus Connection:  true
OnOperationStarted connected:  true
OnOperationProgress connected:  true
OnOperationCompleted connected:  true
OnDownloadProgress connected:  true
OnPackageListUpdated connected:  true
loading api...
loading private-objects...
loading api-core...
loading api-apps...
loading api-categories...
GET categories
loading api-search...
api loaded.
Successfully resolved MeeGo graphics system: /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/graphicssystems/libqmeegographicssystem.so

Found SGX/MBX driver, enabling FullClearOnEveryFrame
Found v1.4 driver, enabling brokenTexSubImage
MeegoGraphics: found EGL_NOK_image_shared
MeegoGraphics: found EGL_KHR_lock_surface2
MeegoGraphics: found EGL_KHR_fence_sync
GET apps
X Error: BadDamage (invalid Damage parameter) 153
  Extension:    146 (Uknown extension)
  Minor opcode: 2 (Unknown request)
  Resource id:  0x29
hijackWindow() context created for QmlApplicationViewer(0x1f5b8bc0) 1
Found SGX/MBX driver, enabling FullClearOnEveryFrame
Found v1.4 driver, enabling brokenTexSubImage
QGLWindowSurface: Using plain widget as window surface QGLWindowSurface(0x1f9c5458)
Found EGL_KHR_image_pixmap & GL_OES_EGL_image extensions (preferred method)!
Found texture_from_pixmap EGL extension!
QNetworkReplyImpl::_q_startOperation was called more than once
QNetworkReplyImpl::_q_startOperation was called more than once
Error: Network connection error
Source policy version: 1.0.0



openrepos.net is accessible from the phone.

It'd be a shame if the application stopped working because of some expired certificate, or some triviality.

If anything else is needed in investigating the issue, or  anyone has any tips or workarounds, please let me know.


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Network error

harpag40's picture

network error on my phone


basil's picture

what kind of error?
check if https://openrepos.net/ is reachable from your phone.

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Oddly enough I was able to set up my N9 earlier this year (2021), sometime in May, and it was working without any issues, but now I'm also getting the error "Network connection error", even though there is nothing wrong with the connection itself. Everything is reachable from within the browser. Any logs that we can have a closer look at that could heko us find the root cause?



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this is a very good posts, thank you dear poster

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Hi there. After installing N9 RepoMirror 0.7.2, i installed Warehouse. Actually, when i open it, this appers: "rejected send masage,3 matched rules; type="method_call",sender=':1.294" (uid=29999pid=2100..." (some numbers change when i re-open it). Is there anything i could do to enable repositories?

basil's picture

Read the comments section below: https://openrepos.net/comment/5114#comment-5114
Install RepoMirror, enable Developer mode, (Re-)Install Warehouse.

Francesco's picture

Thank you for the answer.
I did unistall warehouse, then installed Developer Mode and also Warehouse again. But it still doesn't work: same message appears.
Also, i'm not able to install Aegis Developer Policy, it says "Invalid installation package".

Edit: I installed aegis developer policy by "dpkg -i /opt/warehouse/policy/openrepos-source-policy_1.0.0_armel.deb". Then I unistalled and re-installed warehouse, and it works. Thanks for the support!

mlwn's picture

Are there any plans to enable rating and commenting from within warehouse? Without having to visit openrepos.net from browser?


henque19's picture


For some reason all my added warehouse repositories (except for yours) vanished. Is there a way of automatically adding them?

"ssu lr" just shows me the official jolla repos, and yours. Nothing is listed under "Disabled repositories" apart from "home".

Any ide why this happened? It has happened to me before and then I manually looked through all programs listed in the warehouse app and re-enabled. Very time consu,ing :)

basil's picture

There is another thread for warehouse for sailfishos. Have no idea, and there is no way to reenable them automatically.

Mau97's picture

Hi Basil,can you update it with rhe button to update all the repos?

meowgo's picture

I'm new in meego modding world.
And I do not know what to do when Warehouse showed an error:
Rejected send message, 3 matched rules; type ="method_call", sender="1.824" {uid=29999 pid=5543...

That is everytime i press Enable Repository, Fetch Repository Info, Uninstall, Reinstall and Install.
Please halp me D: I want the sailfishOS theme =.=
I did the things I read here. I think there was one in here who has/had the same problem as I, didn't find the solution, though.

Sire! Please share thy mighty knowledge.

haris's picture

i have the same error, what can i do?

basil's picture

Read thread and follow steps, i.e. install developer policy.

basil's picture

This means that OpenRepos source policy havent been installed.
Uninstall Warehouse, and install it with Warehouse Installer, so source policy will be installed.

meowgo's picture

One of the two pops up whenever i click "Install Warehouse!" on le installer, either:
"Rejected send message, 3 matched rules; type ="method_call",..." or

"ERROR: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1"

D: What do I do?

basil's picture

Uninstall warehouse installer, and enable developer mode at your phone, and then try to install warehouse-installer (or warehouse).
If this doesnt help - try to install Aegis Developer Policy package, and reinstall warehouse-installer (or warehouse).

meowgo's picture

New problem has arose :c
It says "Invalid installation package" ;--;
Now what, kind sire?

emchella's picture

i have the same problem , have you solved?

basil's picture

Find me on IRC @ freenode, my nickname is BasilSemuonov.

meowgo's picture

Alright, dev mode has been on, and it doesn't work. I'ma try aegis thingy :O
Don't go off first D: