by decon
Unofficial opensource Slack client for Sailfish. SailSlack2 is a fork of SailSlack by danvratil. This is an alpha-quality software, do NOT rely on it...
by molan
Tooter β (beta release) can be installed in parallel with the original Tooter app. Get the original Tooter release from here or the official Jolla...
by osetr
Native client for Sailfish OS
This app is an alternative youtube client based on minitube. You can watch videos and subscribe to channels. There is no login to youtube account....
by Kabouik
lynx is a text-mode WWW browser. This is an update to the version published in 2014 by NielDK, and should work with the system openssl provided with...
by dysko
Tooter is Mastodon client. It is a free, open-source social network. A decentralized alternative to commercial platforms, it avoids the risks of a...
by lanodan
Kyclos is a client for Pleroma and Mastodon, an implementation part of a federated social network. Current status is quite stable but there is still...
by ZeiP
The Tracks application allows you to manage actions in a Tracks GTD todo application ( with your Sailfish device. The...
by beidl
Allows you to easily access your NextCloud, ownCloud and WebDav instances with a native Free Software application. For automatic camera photo backup...
by ZeiP
TeamSpeak monitor allows you to quickly check if your friends are online on TeamSpeak and join in. The application only lists active users, it does...
by dvratil
Unofficial opensource Slack client for Sailfish. SailSlack is a fork of Slackfish by Markuss Sammallahti. It has been fixed to work with the current...
SailfishOS client for Friendica federated social network supports network view conversation view private messages like / dislike...
by osetr
Unofficial native client for the Turing Phone
by lourens
Warehouse is not yet compatible with SailfishOS version 2.1.4 or above. Use Storeman as OpenRepos client application. Source code:
Markat is a native Sailfish OS client for eBay. It can currently browse, search and filter items on the eBay market place, as well as show detailed...
An XMPP client for SailfishOS implemented using TelepathyQt. Features PingYou is still in the very early stages of development. The following...
by Dax
A simple, native Vodafone™ Italy client for SailfishOS. This is a preview release   Current features: Balance information. Displays sms, calls and...
介紹 香港電視直播。 Summary A simple client of HKTV Live- Hong Kong Television.
Jolla Community Italia WebView. Access to Jolla Community Italia, read news and discuss on the forum. Available in the Sailfish Store. Published on...
A Silica frontend for the Transmission Torrent Client. At present Clutch is quite simple, but it allows Transmisison to be used without touching the...
by cnlpete
This is a tablet build of the app from beidl for conveinience, until beidl accepts the tablet required merge requests on github.   Access your...
This is an x86 Sailfish build of the native client for for use on the Jolla Tablet, built from Github. Note that there is currently no...
by basil
Nelisquare client for Foursquare social network. Features list
Intelligent whois client by Marco d'Itri Author's description: In 1999 I wrote this Whois client from scratch because the alternatives were obsolete...