File Browser (beta)

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Beta: File Browser for SailfishOS

This is a new version of the popular File Browser app by karip.

This version can be installed in parallel with the original File Browser.

A few months ago I felt the need for a more complete file manager on my phone. I liked what Rudi Timmermans did with his Fileman app, but I also liked the way File Browser handled directory changes. Plus I missed some features...

This release contains a long list of fixes and notable changes. See the release notes for details.

Most notable changes:

  • added a shortcuts page, easily accessible from the directory view (thanks to Rudi Timmermans for the idea!)
  • added quick filter option to the directory page (top pulley)
  • added file actions to the file page
  • added support for thumbnails (configurable)
  • added an image viewer and video previews
  • added a 'Gallery Mode' for comfortably managing folders of images
  • allowed selecting text in text preview
  • added sharing (easily disabled for Harbour at build time via spec file option)
  • added 'transfer' option: quickly copy, move, or link one/multiple files to one/multiple destinations
  • added list of contributors
  • added quick-selection option (long press on first item, like Shift in many desktop file managers)
  • added support for local view preferences (stored in .directory files, like KDE's Dolphin does)

Note: most pages and new features are reachable by swiping left or right or up or down! SailfishOS' swiping mechanic is amazing, and I tried to make use of it wherever possible. Try it out! ;)

I would appreciate it very much if you could test this new version and provide some feedback

  • Do you like the new interface?
  • Is SailfishOS 2 support important for you?
  • And of course: did you find bugs? Are important features missing?
  • and so on...

Please note that this version is not compatible with SailfishOS 2. Pull requests fixing this are more than welcome :)!

Please also note that the sharing feature included in this version is not allowed in Jolla's Harbour store. Releases here on OpenRepos will always include this feature, though.

Important: For this beta release (2.0.0 and upwards), I changed the license of my changes to the GNU GPL v3+. The original File Browser is in the Public Domain.

This app is free software released under the GNU GPL v3+. The source code is available here: The non-beta source code can be found here:


## Version 2.2.2-beta (2020-05-29) [by ichthyosaurus]

Published in OpenRepos on 2020-05-29.

 * Fixed saving settings when the settings file did not exist
 * Fixed showing disk space under SFOS 3.3.x.x
 * Fixed rare possibility of duplicate bookmark entries
 * Fixed bookmarks vanishing when the user renames the configuration folder while the app is running
 * Fixed calculating size info and counting files for links or directories containing links
 * Fixed copying hidden files when copying a directory recursively
 * Improved user notice when a link is broken
 * Improved directory/link state detection (might help with a bug regarding CIFS mounts)

 For developers:

 * Internal API changes
 *      - Documented Engine::isUsingBusybox()
 *      - Added Settings::keys()

## Version 2.2.1-beta (2020-05-02) [by ichthyosaurus]

Published in OpenRepos on 2020-05-02.

 * Added root mode (packaged separately)
 * Fixed inconsistent default setting for "View/UseLocalSettings"
 * Added "open storage settings" to bottom pulley of shortcuts page
 * Disabled opening system settings from shortcuts for Jolla store and
   when running as root

## Version 2.2.0-beta (2020-05-01) [by ichthyosaurus]

Published in OpenRepos on 2020-05-01.

 * Fixed showing file info page under SailfishOS 3.3.x.x
 * Fixed the same for symlinks to directories on another partition
 * Increased performance when changing directories
 * Shortcut to Android data will be hidden if the directory is not available

 For developers:

 * Internal API changes
 *      - Removed some small helper functions
 *      - Refactored and split scripts and libraries
 *      - Removed Engine::homeFolder()
 *      - Renamed Engine::androidSdcardPath() to Engine::androidDataPath()

## Version 2.1.1-beta (2020-04-19) [by ichthyosaurus]

Published in OpenRepos on 2020-04-19.

 * Added support for opus audio files: recognize them as audio, and allow internal playback
 * Removed trying to show thumbnails for PDF files and videos: the system thumbnailer
   does not support it

## Version 2.1.0-beta (2020-01-12) [by ichthyosaurus]

Published in OpenRepos on 2020-01-12.

 * Added file icons for compressed files and for PDF files
 * Implemented a new "Gallery Mode": images will be shown comfortably large, and
   all entries except for images, videos, and directories will be hidden
 * Implemented previewing videos directly
 *     - Note that this is intentionally kept simple.
 *       Use an external app for anything other than quickly checking what the file contains.
 *     - Thumbnail images for videos are not available as they are not supported by the system thumbnailer.
 * Added support for USB OTG devices
 *     - Any device mounted below /run/media/nemo will now be shown together with the SD card
 *     - Added a bottom pulley to the shortcuts page to manually refresh the list of devices
 *     - External storage settings can now directly be accessed via the context menu (see below)
 * Improved usability of bookmarks and shortcuts
 *     - Implemented manually sorting bookmarks
 *     - Fixed wrong icon for deleting bookmarks
 *     - Fixed bookmarks when transferring files
 *     - Moved shortcut to Android storage to the main "Locations" section
 * Improved settings handling to be more robust
 *     - Please note that all *customized* bookmark names will be reset *once*
 *       after installing this update
 *     - Fixed a bug where bookmark names (not the bookmarks themselves) could get lost
 *     - Added runtime-caching of settings to handle missing permissions
 *     - Fixed changing view settings in read-only directories
 *     - Restricted saving local view settings to /home/nemo/* and /run/media/nemo/*,
 *       so even if File Browser is run as root, no unwanted files will be written
 *       anywhere
 *     - Improved settings handling to be more intuitive when resetting a local
 *       value to the global default
 * not Harbour-compliant changes:
 *     - Added showing PDF files directly from the file page (swipe right)
 *       using Sailfish Office
 *     - Added context menu to external devices (bookmark page) to directly
 *       open system settings
 * Fixed a typo on the sorting options page
 * Added option to copy current path to clipboard to the main bottom pulley
 * Fixed showing path in pulley when adding a bookmark via shortcuts page
 * Performance improvements in
 *     - loading directories
 *     - switching between thumbnail modes
 *     - previewing large images

For developers:

 * Internal API changes
 *     - Moved settings from Engine to standalone settings handler
 *     - Replaced separate method for detecting SD cards by method collecting all mounted devices

## Version 2.0.1-beta (2019-12-30) [by ichthyosaurus]

Published in OpenRepos on 2019-12-30.

 * Updated translations: Swedish, Chinese, Spanish
 * (other translations still need updating - contributors welcome!)

## Version 2.0.0-beta (2019-12-12) [by ichthyosaurus]

Published in OpenRepos on 2019-12-12.

 * Performance improvements in
 *     - changing directories
 *     - loading directories
 *     - applying new settings
 * Implemented sharing files (non-Harbour version only)
 * Added file transfer option (quickly copy/move/link multiple files to multiple destinations)
 * Added shortcuts page instead of quick-links menu (swipe right)
 * Added bookmarks option (add from pulley or context menu, access on shortcuts page)
 * Show content preview of file immediately as attached page (swipe right)
 * Improved pulley menu order on file page
 * Moved some entries from pull down menu to push up menu on directory page
 * Added more sorting options for directory listings
 * Added setting to sort case-sensitively or case-insensitively
 * Simplified applying directory settings (top pulley or tap on directory title)
 * Fixed calculating disk space usage
 * Improved file date/time info
 * Added setting to use local view settings for all directories (.directory files from desktop file managers)
 * Improved selection panel and context menu in directory listings
 * Added file actions (copy/rename/share/... to file page)
 * Added quick-filter option to directory listings (open top pulley to maximum)
 * Improved rename dialog
 *   - disabled text prediction
 *   - added support for renaming multiple files at once
 *   - added check if file already exists
 * Improved horizontal app layout
 * Implemented file preview thumbnails
 * Added image viewer page (swipe right from file page)
 * Added "shift" selection of multiple files (long press on file entry to start)
 * Added cover actions ('search' and 'show shortcuts')
 * Added support for selecting text file preview (just like in the Notes app)
 * Implemented computing size of all selected file/directories (with properties page)
 * Implemented computing directory size (visible from properties page)
 * Implemented opening new windows
 * Improved launcher entry
 * Improved support for light ambiences
 * Improved and added some custom icons
 * Added support for animations in image viewer (e.g. GIF files)
 * Added list of contributors (swipe right from settings page)
 * Added support for initial directory as command line argument
 * Added settings page as attached page to shortcuts page (swipe right)
 * Added root mode app icon and highlight cover when running as root
 * Re-built app icon as SVG and generated new png images
 * Improved many strings (translations not updated yet)
 * Updated German translation
 * Polished user interface with improvements here and there

Note to developers: for this beta version (2.0.0 and upwards), the licensing was changed to the GNU GPLv3+.

## Version 1.8.0 (2019-05-12) [by karip]

Published in Jolla store on 2019-05-13.

 * Added a confirmation dialog for file overwriting
 * Fixed colors and icons for Sailfish 3 light ambiences



carmenfdezb's picture

Hi @ichthyosaurus! I've done a factory reset to my phone and then I've installed your app. For some reason, settings aren't saved when I close the app. Is that a bug? I've installed SailfishOS

ichthyosaurus's picture

That's a bug and it should be fixed in the new version 2.2.2.

carmenfdezb's picture


magare's picture


New sailfish user here. Phone XA2/Sailfish v.

First, thanks for the great application. Very intuitive and convenient. This is my first choice for a file manager, regardless of beta status.

Some feedback:

I can reach my home network storage without problem. But if the phone disconnect from LAN, the app freezes when I open it.

Test case: Mount SMB network storage on mount point /home/nemo/Storage. Stop WLAN and connect on 3G/4G. Open app and I can't do anything. The alert is: "File Browser is not responding"...


ichthyosaurus's picture

I'm glad you like it :).

The problem might be that the app tries to access the mount point but the network is not available/too slow/... First thing would be to check if mobile data is enabled. If not, you should make sure to unmount network mounts before disconnecting.

Volker_S's picture

How can i access root mode (SF

ichthyosaurus's picture

Install it from here. You'll get a separate app icon in the launcher menu.

ferlanero's picture

On Sailfish when you try to open file or folder properties, the app just crashes. Anyone has this bug too?

ichthyosaurus's picture

Fixed in version 2.2.0

DameCENO's picture

Sailfish 2 support needed, just flashes white on my screen, Sailfish 2.2, really want to use this version of File Browser

ichthyosaurus's picture

I'm sorry I can't support Sailfish 2 because I can't test it. I don't have a device with that version and the old emulator is no longer available. Is there a specific reason why you don't update to the latest version of the OS? This would be recommended, especially security-wise.

DameCENO's picture

Thanks for the response, and would be very open to be a tester for the app if you would let me. Well the more updates Sailfish roll out the more non-sailfish like the OS becomes, some of us around since Sailfish know what I mean, if you are privileged to use those you won't want any updates. I have no urgent desire to update to 3 and I know many share my opinion. Would really love to be considered

ichthyosaurus's picture

(I'm developing all my apps and patches for free and in my spare time (of which I don't have much, really). I'm not affiliated with Jolla in any way. So it really is a matter of personal capacity, and if I can't test it myself, it's almost impossible for me to work.)

That being said, you can get the sources from Github and you can tinker with it yourself (it's GPL, and up until version 1.8.0 even public domain).

You can also start File Browser via the terminal and send me the output. That will give us a hint on the first of many, many problems that stand in the way of being compatible with SFOS 2 (or even 1). Open an issue on Github for that, please.

One of the biggest problems with backwards compatibility is that the Qt version used in SFOS < 3 is ancient.

olf's picture

Sorry @DameCENO, the reasons @ichthyosaurus pointed out are significant: It means a lot of work to support really old SailfishOS versions (e.g., v2.2.x released in summer / fall 2018).
Only if you are one of the few still using a historic device (e.g. Jolla 1, Jolla C, Intex Aquafish, Jolla Tablet), real reasons not to upgrade to a recent SailfishOS release exist; so do I with an Jolla1@SFOS2.2.1 (but only as a reference installation) and I am aware that you are still using your more that 5 years old phone as a daily driver.

IMO one shall perceive this as a deliberate, personal decision to stay on an ancient SailfishOS release and accept, that this basically results in having to keep most of the other software on the device static, too.

Hyperflux's picture

Why doesn't the browser recoginze folders that are shared over network and mounted with cifs? I have a folder on my Windows PC I've shared. I can access the folder through commandline but not with the original File Browser, nor this. Is there anyway to fix this without modifying the source?

ichthyosaurus's picture

If I understand you correctly, that's not a bug, it's just not implemented. File Browser can only auto-detect a SD card, the other "special locations" are hard-coded. You should be able to open the directory just as any other, though - if you know where it is mounted. Then you can add a bookmark (bottom pulley menu).

Hyperflux's picture

I meant that I can navigate into the shared folder through the terminal when I mount the shared directory into a directory under the home folder, but the filebrowser doesn't recognize the shared folder as folder but as a file. if the mountable folders must be in some hardcoded paths, that's quite nasty, but I guess it's understandable. I'd prefer configurebility and flexibility though. :D

ichthyosaurus's picture

Ah, then it's a weird bug. Can you upload a screenshot of the file details page somewhere? What does it say under 'type' and 'permissions'?

No, what I meant was: the default bookmarks (music, downloads, ...) are hardcoded (but they use standard system paths that can be configured).

Hyperflux's picture

Okay, I misunderstood/read. But it turns out that if I have the filebrowser app open in the backround and I mount the folder, then the filebrowser recognizes the shared folder just fine and I can see the files, but if I open the app after mounting, the bug appears.

ichthyosaurus's picture

That is... not good. Can you upload a screenshot of the file details page somewhere? What does it say under 'type' and 'permissions'? That could give us a hint on the problem... When I tried unmounting and mounting the SD card, everything worked fine. Maybe it is a problem specific to cifs?

Hyperflux's picture

Oh yeah sorry for the delayed answer; here are the screen caps:


File browser app:

I guess it could be cifs specific issue, but it's just weird that cd:ing through terminal works just fine.

ichthyosaurus's picture

This bug is really weird. Unfortunately, I don't have Windows so I can't really test it. I tried a few things in version 2.2.2 though; maybe we're lucky...

ichthyosaurus's picture

Thanks; I hope I find some time next weekend to investigate.

carmenfdezb's picture

Hi @ichthyosaurus! The app crashes when I open a file from filebrowser since I've updated SailfishOS 3.3

ichthyosaurus's picture

That's quite unfortunate! I don't have 3.3 yet, so I can't test it. Could you start File Browser from the terminal and send me the output?

carmenfdezb's picture

Sailfish OS (Rokua)
[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ harbour-file-browser-beta
[D] unknown:0 - QML debugging is enabled. Only use this
in a safe environment.
[D] unknown:0 - Using Wayland-EGL
[W] unknown:64 - file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica
/private/QuickScroll.qml:64: TypeError: Cannot call meth
od 'destroy' of null
[F] unknown:0 - ASSERT failure in QList::at: "index o
ut of range", file /usr/include/qt5/QtCore/qlist.h, line

ichthyosaurus's picture


That doesn't say much... I rebuilt the app today with the SDK but I didn't manage to set up the early access target. So we will have to wait until things settle :(.

carmenfdezb's picture

Ok, thanks for your answer!

ichthyosaurus's picture

It's fixed in version 2.2.0

carmenfdezb's picture

Thank you so much!