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Simple music player for Sailfish OS.

Licensed under GPLv3.

Source code: https://github.com/equeim/unplayer

Translations: https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/unplayer/translations

Donate: PayPal, Yandex.Money.



Application versions: 
File harbour-unplayer-0.1-1.i486.rpm80.34 KB
File harbour-unplayer-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm73.62 KB
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File harbour-unplayer-0.1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm80.68 KB
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File harbour-unplayer-0.2.1-1.armv7hl.rpm109.59 KB
File harbour-unplayer-0.3-1.i486.rpm134.44 KB
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File harbour-unplayer-0.3.1-1.i486.rpm134.9 KB
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File harbour-unplayer-0.3.2-1.i486.rpm138.56 KB
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File harbour-unplayer-0.3.3-1.i486.rpm137.56 KB
File harbour-unplayer-0.3.3-1.armv7hl.rpm126.14 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.0.0-2.i486.rpm570.19 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.0.0-2.armv7hl.rpm487.48 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.0.1-1.i486.rpm570.97 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm487.77 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.1.0-1.i486.rpm584.19 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.1.0-1.armv7hl.rpm498.35 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.1.1-1.i486.rpm583.65 KB
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File harbour-unplayer-1.2.0-1.i486.rpm593.06 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.2.0-1.armv7hl.rpm506.81 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.2.1-1.i486.rpm594.31 KB
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File harbour-unplayer-1.2.2-1.i486.rpm595.4 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.2.2-1.armv7hl.rpm508.04 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.2.3-1.i486.rpm594.58 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.2.3-1.armv7hl.rpm507.5 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.2.4-1.i486.rpm593.76 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.2.4-1.armv7hl.rpm507.76 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.3.0-1.i486.rpm608.34 KB
File harbour-unplayer-1.3.0-1.armv7hl.rpm528.94 KB

- Added donation links via PayPal and Yandex.Money
- Fixed shuffle "random" track being the same on every app launch
- Added ability to remove files from library and filesystem
- Added ability to blacklist directories (and their subdirectories) from library
- Added option to show video files in directories view (only audio streams are played, and they will not be showed in library)
- Remaining time is now displayed on Now Playing page
- Fixed multi-selection not resetting in some cases
- Fixed MPRIS DBus object doesn't setting trackId property


Kelmi's picture

So quiet there.. Is there any plans to bring equalizer to unplayer? It would be really awesome to have this feature. I would like to donate for that feature! 10 or more bands in eqaulizer would be great.

Kelmi's picture

Well when I playing music, I can't see artist name and song name in lock screen, I only see media buttons.. Wait a second I remember that earlier it does shows artist name and song name... Interesting.
I also found bug: Sometimes when I playing music playback stops suddenly without reason. That's little bit annoying. Anybody else got same behavior?

campeon's picture

Thanks for the improvements !!!

mase's picture

Is the player controlable via AVRCP?
Does it support replaygain?

equeim's picture

If you mean headset buttons, it should work (in version from OpenRepos, not Jolla Store). Although I haven't tested it on last versions of Sailfish OS, because I don't have any headset with controls.

Unplayer doesn't support replaygain.

247's picture

Hi there, this is a very good app but there is one thing i would like to see...

If an artist has an album which contain a song featuring someone, that song will create a new artist and will be put exclusively on that artist. Eg, if i have an album from u2 of 10 songs, one of which is featuring someone i will have 9 songs in u2 and 1 song in u2 feat someone artist. At the moment seems that only jolla stock player correctly shows album and it would be nice if it could be implemented even on unplayer...if you are a linux user you may have a look on how lollypop categorize music to better understand :)

scanner's picture

in the directories, & signs in directory names are displayed as html entity &

MemeTurtle's picture

I am having problems with creating playlist through the application. After I type in the playlist name it is not saved. How can I troubleshoot this problem? Where the playlist is supposed to be saved?


Also, I have a feature request for future realese: add ability to add all files from a selected folder and its subfolders to queue/playlist.

MemeTurtle's picture

Found the problem. The app stores playlists in the folder "playlists" in ~/Music. There is no check if the folder exists, so I had to create the folder manually. After that I can create new playlists.

merpl's picture

Fantastic app.  I wish it could shuffle play between all songs in a directory though.  THANKS

openHeinrich's picture

Is it possible to introduce also listening to podcasts?

Aslanex's picture

It seems Unplayer now does not recognize .aac files. When I open a folder in Unplayer, it shows only .mp3 songs in it, while when opening in Filecase, everything is shown. Unplayer 1.1.1-1, SFOS 2.1

equeim's picture

That's strange, AAC should be supported. Could you send me an example of file?

Aslanex's picture

Sure, this one is not recognised: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kkcuweg5zrpmqye/Madison%20Mars%20-%20Future%20...

It does play when renamed to .m4a without conversing, but metadata are not found then.

equeim's picture

Files with .aac extension will be supported in the next version. However, the file you sent me is not an AAC in MP4 container but a raw AAC stream. It is possible to extract tags (like artist or album), since it contains ID3 tags, but not audio properties (like duration or bitrate), because the library I use to extract information from audio files (TagLib) does not support raw AAC. You can convert these files to MP4 using ffmpeg, for example. Though I got some strange errors while converting it (but it actually converted). This file is really weird.

Aslanex's picture

Ok, I understand .aac is not a good way to handle songs, but because it can be technically played, it would be better to support the extension. The file was probably produced by a youtube converter, if I remember correctly. When I convert it to M4A with ffmpeg, everything is fine in Unplayer. Thanks for your answers.

giskard's picture

Hi! Did you find any workaround for the gstreamer/pulseaudio high cpu usage?

equeim's picture


p_pahare's picture

i am On ,even  Now Cover Art is not shown by the App. which is visible in older version, Do something , till then I use older version

equeim's picture

Currently 1.x can only show cover art that is located as separate file in the same directory as music file. Embedded cover art will be in 1.1.

objectifnul's picture

UnPlayer 1.0.0-1 not compatible with SFOS Haapajoki.

equeim's picture

Yeah, I've just noticed that Harbour tells the same. Maybe this is because I built package with 2.1.0 SDK. Will fix it soon.

equeim's picture

Should be fixed now.

lispy's picture

I love Unplayer and today I wanted to install it on my wifes Jolla. But sadly, I got a libaudiofile Error when trying to install it. It seems that the repo is down. Where can I get the needed files for installation? What's causing the error...help apperciated.

lpr's picture

newest release 0.3.3 cannot play back mp2 files due to gstreamer1.0 decodebin autodetection bug: https://together.jolla.com/question/142196/how-to-play-mp2-audio-files

subeditor's picture

I exluded my SD-card from tracker (since it showed all the albums cover in the Gallery). Now Unplayer do not see content of SD card also. It's OK when I use Artist, Tracks, Albums etc sections. But it's quite strange for Folders section.

Since not only tracked folders but every Jolla folder is browsable via Unplayer I expected that music files will be visible for Unplayer. Otherwise what is the purpose of giving access to any folder not only for that ones where music files were finded by tracker?

My suggestion is to show content of all folders while browsing via Folder sections but just filtering files by extension.

equeim's picture

That's because directory listing implemented quite hacky. When Unplayer shows content of directory it gets its subdirectories from filesystem and then list of music files in this directory from Tracker database. I did it because I don't know how to check whether I can play a certain file with GStreamer. I'm sure this functionality exists, but I'm very unfamiliar with GStreamer. This issue will be fixed when I switch to more high-level and convenient Qt Multimedia API.

subeditor's picture

Possibly you can try to borrow some solutions from Talefish (https://openrepos.net/content/velox/talefish)
That apps sees even tracks in the directiories that are excluded from Tracker.

lispy's picture

'gst-mp3-fluendo' made it work for me under SF 2.0. Thanks for the hint...

szymeczek34's picture

That's a great app! Thanks a lot. For those having trouble playing mp3s on SFOS 2, I got it working by installing 'gst-mp3-fluendo' by iKozzz.
There is only one thing I'm wondering. Is there a way to disable lockscreen music buttons? I'm using OPX which has amoled screen and I have lpm (sneakpeak) enabled all the time in which media buttons are working and I constantly end up clicking them.