file manager

by levone1
cli file manager. Not my work; I just compiled on-device with cargo-rpm so I could share... aarch64 version. Broot page -
Nanofiles is file manager app. Features: Grid / List View  Inbuilt root mode Swipe left to go back Compressing files Places page Adding / Managing...
File Browser is a simple tool to view and manage files on your phone.
Run File Browser with super user privileges. (For version 2.0.0+.) USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This app can be used to corrupt files on the phone and make...
It will create icon to start FileCase app as root. FileCase app should be installed on your device... v0.1-4 - Changes in SPEC file. Obsoletes...
by itsenov
myExplorer allows you to open, copy or move files with WiFi connection between the phone and a PC (XP, Vista, Windows 7/8, Mac OS X or Linux). There...
by hooddy
File Manager is one of the many file manager applications for your Nokia N9. Simple to use and with a native look and feel, you can view, copy, move...
A file manager for SailfishOS. Features file operations copy, delete and rename create directories view/play audio, image and text files install RPM...
Midnight Commander - a powerful file manager GNU Midnight Commander is a text-mode full-screen file manager. It uses a two panel interface and a...
by zaidk9
Simple File Manager with download manager
File manager for Harmattan Browse, copy, move, delete, and share your files in an easy way. Like if you where using your computer. Filebox also...