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Nanofiles is file manager app.


  • Grid / List View 
  • Inbuilt root mode
  • Swipe left to go back
  • Compressing files
  • Places page
  • Adding / Managing entries in Places page

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Application versions: 
File nanofiles-1.0-1.armv7hl.rpm120.09 KB11/04/2020 - 14:02
File nanofiles-1.0-1.i486.rpm132.79 KB11/04/2020 - 14:02


lxmx's picture

I really like the file selection and the long tap actions bar - the best UX amongst all SFOS file managers. One annoyance I can see is: when you swipe to go back to the parent directory the file list doesn't refresh immediately - still showing the old contents. So for a fraction of a second you feel lost. I wonder if this can be improved with a visual effect.

Mister_Magister's picture

It could yeah i just picked easiest way to do it as for now, if i/somone gets better idea then i'll change it, but thanks for opinion

jfebrer's picture

Really good!!!

Right now it only previews on jpg files and not png, but for the first version it's really awesome!

atlochowski's picture

There is something wrong with SD Card in Places. If you don't have sd card and open for example Music directory from Places then back to Places by swipe and tap on SD Card then you will see empty card with "Music" title on the top. If you open Downloads before SD Card then title will be "Downloads" etc.

Mister_Magister's picture

perhaps the dir is just empty / doesn't exist

Markkyboy's picture

How to edit a .qml file?, is editing possible?

Mister_Magister's picture

nope, use text editing software not file browser software.

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