TermSCP (aarch64)

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cli file transfer app. Supports SCP/SFTP/FTP/S3.

Launching with just 'termscp' opens a form to input remote info to connect to, or you can enter the info as an argument with the command , (e.g. 'termscp localhost', or 'termscp ftp://dlpuser@ftp.dlptest.com').

Won't launch in landscape for some reason, but works fine in landscape once launched, (although some of the layout looks funny... In general, keeping the terminal zoomed out makes the appearance better).

Not my work; I just built and packaged to share.

aarch64 version.

Official here - https://veeso.github.io/termscp/#menu

Application versions: 
File termscp-0.8.2-1.aarch64.rpm2.28 MB29/04/2022 - 00:29



Seven_of_nine's picture

Fantastic! Runs fine at Volla phone in po... - edit: landscape format with BT keyboard.Thank you so much!
But with the touchscreen keyboard i see no chance to work with it.
edit: Absolutely fantastic when operated via SSH from computer!