Publisher applications: sashikknox


WARNING:  Please read How To Play in description

SailfishOS port with onscreen touch...


Mattermost - is private cloud chat....


Thanks to @abmyii for his port of this game to Ubuntu Touch.

Tux Racer lets you take...


The mechanic of this game is time travel. Make your way through 4 levels utilizing the passage of time in different ways. This may involve making...


LOVE is an open source, cross platform 2D game engine which uses the Lua scripting language. LOVE can be used to make games of any license...


Modplug mod music file format library

This package build with spec file from Fedora Project (with some modifications)


LuaJIT implements the full set of language features defined by Lua 5.1. The virtual machine (VM) is API- and ABI-compatible to...


This latest build of Godot Engine 3.2 for Sailfish OS + add support for Gamepads on SailfishOS!
Now its not fully support gamepads (but...


A cute and relaxing mobile game where you hit color-coded balls.
Project link: https://...


You are an wizard, who can only cast spells. You have a dungeon and you want to explore it all, down to the Bottom - 100th level of dungeon....


Godot 3.1.1 engine build for SailfishOS , and this standart demo project (little modified).
What FPS you have on your device? answer in...


This is just buid of free Godot Engine example of Flappy Bird like game. Its built under Godot Engine 2.1.5 from export template for SailfishOS...