Flappy Godot

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This is just buid of free Godot Engine example of Flappy Bird like game. Its built under Godot Engine 2.1.5 from export template for SailfishOS ... 
Example are downloaded here https://godotengine.org/asset-library/asset/60
What is done in Godot: just render, sound and touch screen
Applications is not paused, when you change current app in Saiflsih. No hyroscope, no orientation change...  
Later i push all to github. Exports templates push too, and it can be used from any godot 2.1.x build, later i'll tell you how to do it.  
Godot sources: https://github.com/savegame/godot/tree/2.1_sailfish_sdl2
Current build form 2.1_sailfish_sdl2branch.

Build and usage instructions: https://github.com/savegame/godot/wiki
Export templates: https://github.com/savegame/godot-sailfish/releases/tag/v0.1



Application versions: 
File harbour-flappy-godot-0.0.1-6.armv7hl.rpm5.47 MB20/11/2018 - 16:42



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Could use a sound volume option, as some of my fellow trainpassengers seem to insist..

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This just demo.project from Gidot Engine, maby later i fix this ) maby try find complete game.on github, and just ask author to public it here )
now just use ypur sound buttons on your device =)

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I fucking love u man. I wanted to port godot but i did not succeed. Now we can make 3D games for sfos

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I'm joining to your response. Good job, well done, love it!

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Thanks, I workin on Godot 3 now


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Cool! I'm interested in porting one game on this platform. Great to see some games action! Perhaps we can get some games ported for Sailfish!

I tried to build this godot and run the template you posted but it didn't work... Was complaining about some invalid call or something weird. Looking forward for your instructions!

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if quick, i build all inside mersdk, from vscode ... but you can build it from terminal, use command like: 

ssh mersdk@localhost -p2222 "cd /home/mersdk/share/Programming/SailfishOS/Projects/godot_2 && sb2 -t SailfishOS- scons platform=sailfish arch=arm" # for arm

ssh mersdk@localhost -p2222 "cd /home/mersdk/share/Programming/SailfishOS/Projects/godot_2 && sb2 -t SailfishOS- scons platform=sailfish arch=x86"

you can add tools=no to scons options, but its should be disabled by defults, becuse no need editor in SFOS ... then, you can use oficial Godot Engine 2.1.5 build, in export choose X11 type of export, then in options choose Custom Binary -> Release -> Select your godot.sailfish.opt.arm (or x86) binary, than you can export project. After that, you can run your exported binary of game in SailfishOS ... but for publishing it to OpenRepos, you need pack it to RPM ... maby, i'll automate all this things and make normal export template, looks like android exporter...

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i'll try make instructions tomorrow ))

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I am having trouble locating linux_sdl_64_* from the export templates.
I have checked both 3.1 alpha 2 and 2.1.5 export template downloads

I compiled from Godot 3.1, so under 2.1.5 it may be linux_sailfish_64_* ? Either way I will await for your git commits.

Thank you by the way! I did not realize Godot supported SFOS now

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Really nice! Glad to see support for SFOS :)

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Finally someone did this. Any plans for Godot 3?

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already, but it work only in emulator, in my Jolla C it not work ...
https://github.com/savegame/godot - all work here, the 2.1_sailfish_sdl2 (from 2.1.5) and sailfishos (from 3.1) branches. 

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looking forward to that, I'd like to jump straight into godot 3 as it seems to have much more tutorials and resources could use :)

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Super;) Very Good!!!

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No its not, just Godot Engine example builded for SailfishOS

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dont understand, sorry

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"Is this not flappy bird?"