Godot 3.1 Platformer

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Just Godot 3.1 simple sample of Platformer game.
Godot Sources : https://github.com/savegame/godot/tree/3.1_sailfish_sdl2
Later i public here all instructions for build and make RPMs
RPM make script (without any README for now =) ) : https://github.com/savegame/sailfish_godot_rpm
If you want to donate me, i dont know how you can do that, i dont have paypal
Export templates prebuild binaries: https://github.com/savegame/godot-sailfish/releases/tag/3.1
For game developers: use GLES2 video driver in godot projects, bacuse SailfishOS support only GLES2 now...



Application versions: 
File godot-platformer-1.0.0-1.armv7hl.rpm7.19 MB02/04/2019 - 15:51
File godot-platformer-1.0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm7.19 MB03/04/2019 - 18:28

- rebuild export template with Sailfish-2.x target
- in game project cahnge jump MAX_HEIGHT =)
- application godot-platformer packed to RPM


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This is cool!

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I cannot install. I have an upgraded jolla c with and it said: cannot find sailfish-utilities-all-translations-pack-0.6.0-1.5.1-jolla-noarch.rpm I found it, i cannot install other apps too. What can i do? Pleeease. Anyway thanx a lot. I think i will create a game too. :)

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pkcon refresh 


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Thank you so much for the quick answare. It's almost solved, but now It is stucked in the install process. I'll update storeman, maybe it will solve it. Anyway thankyou!

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Sadly, "segmentation fault" on jolla1. 

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i will fix it as fast as i can

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Wooow so cool! We'll soon see some amazing game on sailfish!