by insider
Telegram Client for Nokia N9 MeeGram is a feature-rich, unofficial Telegram client developed specifically for Nokia N9. Built using the powerful...
by blizzz
Nextcloud Talk for Sailfish OS is in a very early stage. At the moment it supports multi-account chat. The code is available at
Matrix client for SailfishOS with end-to-end encryption support
by thigg
This app packages the matrixclient hydrogen-web in a WebView. Features E2E encrypted messages, offline storage. This is an experimental build....
Mattermost - is private cloud chat. And this is a native SailfishOS client for Mattermost.  This is early alpha version. The client is in active (not...
by R1tschY
Matrix instant messaging client
by Kabouik
6cord is a Discord client running in your terminal with a TUI. It supports navigating through servers, channels, hiding the server bar, uploading...
by szopin
NOTE: this is first time handcrafting rpm on device so might be buggy, please report all you find and I'll try to squash them Irssi Chat Client Your...
This app will allow you add your prefered android apps to Jolla notifications. Inspired by this thread:
by aa13q
Experimental app. Press and hold the tree to record audio. Everyone with launched app could listen to you (you too) Donation links: paypal flattr...
by toxip
As the original author Dax never released 0.9 version to openrepos, I decided to put this here. The 0.9 Alpha version of SailorGram with the latest...
Telepathy connection manager for Telegram network is going on. Take a note that there is a number of limitation in Telepathy specification and...
by ViBE
IRC Chatter is a lightweight, touch-friendly IRC client aimed at touchscreen devices. IRC Chatter is based on Qt, QML, and its backend uses...
Native SailfishOS Telegram client If you want to help me to language translation, please do so at transifex
by NielDK
FreeSWITCH is a scalable open source cross-platform telephony platform designed to route and interconnect popular communication protocols using audio...