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6cord is a Discord client running in your terminal with a TUI. It supports navigating through servers, channels, hiding the server bar, uploading files, and even view images in terminals that support SIXEL (none on SFOS). The server side bar does not work in Toeterm, therefore it is recommended to use 6cord with Havoc or Literm. To use it in your tmux layout, see instructions at the bottom of the description. Fetching channel data when opening a new channel can be a tad long, be patient!

To enable automatic login, see below instructions on how to get your Discord token and use it with 6cord.    

# Usage


# Getting the token                                                                                                 
1. Open the official Discord Electron client on desktop.                                                            
2. Hit Ctrl+Shift+I.                                                                                                
2. Go to the Network tab.                                                                                           
3. Find Discord API requests. This is usually called "messages", "ack", "typing", etc. You might need to send a message to see something appear there.                                                                                   
4. Go to headers and search "Authorization". This is your token. 

# Running 6cord with the token                                                                                      
Add the token in the appropriate section in ~/.config/6cord/6cord.toml, and just run the 6cord command in terminal. 
# Additional things                                                                                                 
- The ~ key could be used to both preview images and select a message ID.                                           
- /mentions is useless at the moment. This is planned to change in the future.                                      
- There is currently no global emoji support. This is also planned to change, along with emoji previews.            
Additional keybinds                                                                                                 
- Refer to the Quick Start section displayed when starting 6cord.                                                   
- Tab to show/hide the server list.                                                                                 
- Input field history is cycled with Alt + Up/Down.                                                                 
- PgUp and PgDn can be used to jump between servers in the list.                                                    
- There are some Vim binds available, i.e. ^n and ^p to move between fuzzy listed items in /commands.               
- The following variables are available: CHANNEL, GUILD, USERNAME and DISCRIM                                       
- This follows tview's rich text format:                                                                            
Coloring text with [#424242]                                                                                      
Bold text with [::b]                                                                                              
Both can be done with [#424242::b]                                                                                
Reset with [-], [::-] or [-::-]                                                                                   
- You need to manually escape square brackets by adding an opening ([) bracket before a closing (]) bracket         
Example: [${guild}] to [${guild}[]

Color support                                                                                                       
6cord runs in 256 color mode most of the time. To force another mode, you have have to temporarily change the TERM value. However, manually changing TERM to a value different than the terminal's default is known to break other things, so use it with caution (the variable will be reset once you restart the terminal). Alternatively, you can set an alias in your ~/.bashrc with "alias 6cordcustom='COMMAND'" where command is the 'COMMAND' of your choice below.             
- To run 6cord with true colors (not all terminals support true colors):                                            
TERM=xterm-truecolor 6cord                                                                                        
- To limit 6cord to strictly 16 colors, run:                                                                        
TERM=xterm-basic 6cord                                                                                            
- To run 6cord in monochrome mode:                                                                                  
TERM=xterm 6cord                               

tmux support                                                                                                                      
- To run 6cord in a tmux session mode, you need to enforce TERM in the panel; beware that it may break other things in your panels:                                                                                 
TERM=xterm-256color 6cord                                                                                      
# Disclaimer                                                                                                        
I am not the developer of 6cord, I just packaged it for SFOS. 6cord is no longer actively developed, but it is a feature rich TUI client and it works perfectly on SFOS. It was developed by diamondburned at https://gitlab.com/diamondburned/6cord/.


Application versions: 
File 6cord-aa7acec1-1.armv7hl.rpm7.45 MB10/06/2020 - 04:11


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Plz Aarch64

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I have no ide where is that config file. I know that there's the subdirectory but donno where can I find it haha

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~/.config/6cord/6cord.toml should be automatically created when installing 6cord. However, I packaged it before SFOS renamed the default user from "nemo" to "defaultuser", so it's entirely possible that my package is slightly outdated and tries to put the config file in /home/nemo/.config/6cord, which doesn't exist if you are using a SFOS version where the user is named "defaultuser". In that case, and until I repackage 6cord (I have many packages to repackage, but unfortunately can't do that right now), you can do two things:

- "ln -s /home/defaultuser /home/nemo", which will create a symbolic link between your home folder and the "legacy" home folder for SFOS versions where "nemo" was the user name. This is kind of a dirty workaround, but it works well and will fix similar issues with all packages that suffer the same issue and have not been updated since.

- Manually create /home/defaultuser/.config/6cord/6cord.toml and paste this content in it. Note that I cannot guarantee that it will solve your issue because 6cord was compiled on device on a phone running SFOS with "nemo" as user name, so maybe 6cord will still expect this user and home folder, and I have no phone with a "defaultuser" version to check myself. Please post here which solution worked for you.

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Hello, where does 6cord store the requires config file where I need to paste my token?

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Hello, the token must go in ~/.config/6cord/6cord.toml.

You'll notice that channel switching is taking 10 seconds, which is frustrating. Looking at the source code, the delay is added on purpose; I assume to reduce risks of being flagged as a third-party client user and ending up banned. It is possible, however, to edit the file and reduce this delay, see: https://gitlab.com/diamondburned/6cord/-/issues/36 I have done it several weeks ago and it works well, with no ban so far, although I must admit I don't use 6cord every day.