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Telepathy connection manager for Telegram network is going on.

Take a note that there is a number of limitation in Telepathy specification and SailfishOS Telepathy client (jolla-messages), so this will not be a feature-full client in the foreseeable future.

Alpha release is planned for the end of this month (March 2017)


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Hi, are you still working in this project? 

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Yes, I work. Currently I'm on vacation since 27 to May 10. After the vacation I'll implement the last bits, add one more option to the settings page, test everything during a week and release it this month.

There is a Telegram channel about the project:, but I'm barely active there until 10th.

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Excellent, thanks for working on it :)

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Yeah, that's it.

There is an issue with authentication — I need to also ship a plugin for jolla-accounts and yesterday I found that they are rewrite sailfish-components-accounts. I need to investigate it further before submission.

Also one problem is that jolla-messages application does not support group chat.

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that's nice... :) looking forward to it...

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hi there...can i ask you what this and qtTelegram are?mayve something is moving on for jolla and telegram telephaty side?