Warehouse for SailfishOS

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BETA. This application is still under active development. 

Warehouse is a native client for OpenRepos.net
Browse and install applications, enable repositories.

Just download and tap to install.

If warehouse does not start after upgrade, uninstall warehouse, and install latest version.

TMO support thread is open for discussions: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=91574

Application versions: 
harbour-warehouse-0.3-22.armv7hl.rpm95.04 KB18/09/2014 - 00:18
harbour-warehouse-0.3-28.armv7hl.rpm95.02 KB07/10/2014 - 00:48
harbour-warehouse-0.3-29.armv7hl.rpm94.65 KB24/10/2014 - 13:29
harbour-warehouse-0.3-30.armv7hl.rpm94.51 KB22/04/2015 - 01:03

Version v0.30-30

  • General performance improvements

Version v0.3-29

  • Qt5.2. js fix.

Version v0.3-28

  • Performance regression fixed

Version v0.3-27

  • Extra transaction info added

Version v0.3-26

  • Faster repositories updates check: only openrepos
  • Application manage UI updates

Version v0.3-25

  • Hide non-openrepos updates
  • Fix categories preload
  • Check for updates at application page

Version v0.3-22

  • Search field autofocus

Version v0.3-21

  • Single repository refresh option added at profile page

Version v0.3-20

  • Warehouse Installer compatibility

Version v0.3-18

  • Basic polkit auth policy added
  • Application changelog shown
  • Fast single-repo refresh
  • Fast repository disabling

Version v0.2-16

  • Emergency fix for category API change.


basil's picture

This feature is under development

purplewakanda's picture

Nice app :)

Can you please add the option to comment and rate apps?


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This feature is under development.

purplewakanda's picture

Thanks :) Looking forward to it

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Since two weeks the Warehouse client has become laggy and unresponsice when in MyProfile clicking Check updates.. The operation starts but it keeps on checking multiple qt etc packages displaying a text "current operation, enhancement and the package-name (tens of them). The operation takes nearly half an hour, bever finds anything to update, and the app UI gets mostly unresponsive during that time and the app can not even closed everytime. I'm running SailfishOS, no android support installed and abt 10 #OpenRepos repositories enabled.
Is it some repo that is doing this or the Warehouse app itself, or are there some known issues in the OOpenRepos servers/service? Is there anyway to debug this with terminal using pkcon or zypper or something? I even uninstalled and reinstalled Warehouse client (0.3-29), but that didn't help.

Any info on what's going on?

basil's picture

This is a known issue. Fix is under development.
It is related to SailfishOS which changed PackageKit backend. Warehouse is unable to process all notifications sended by package kit.

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Great app.

On Sailfish when turning pages the application list is not scrolled to the top, e.g. going from Page #0 to Page #1, the screen is scrolled to the middle of Page #1 as opposed to the top.

Also, a checkmark next to apps that are already installed would be great in the list of apps. There'd be no need to go to app details to see whether an application is already installed or not. Maybe one for if its repo is enabled?


Louis's picture

I see on TMO that the issues with Warehouse being laggy and unable to respond is something that's being looked into, great :)

I want to suggest an "Update All" feature, where you can install all available updates with a single click.

michdeskunk's picture

Every time I try to install something warehouse crash... but installation go fine at the end.. no good

basil's picture

I'm working on fix for this situation.

damourti's picture

Great, thank you again for the excellent job!

zeeshanahad's picture

when can we have new update for warehouse for new update - Vaarainjarvi

basil's picture

After monday, when update will be released, and my phone will be updated.

michdeskunk's picture

My warehouse continue crashing when I look at full list of installed up....

It go in a infinite searching loop and never end, then I cannot see the installed apps list!

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Basil, thank you very much for this app. Don't know exactly if this is a duplicate:I have one problem: I can't watch my installed applications, warehouse on my jolla keeps hanging. It starts and never comes to an end. I see the installed packages, but there's a loading circle as overlay and stays forever, so I can't scroll through the list or do anything with it. I'm on latest update of Sailfish.

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Do you have sailfishos u10 installed? If you do, wait for the warehouse update, which will be released soon.

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bro its been a while since i tried sailfishos but decided to give it a go again...

remember the previous comment, repo not found, curl error....

i solved it.. after all its just an ipv6 error. My arch linux AUR setup decided to mess with the same error, disabling ipv6 solved it so i tried the same for this too

as root solved it, thnks for the wonderful work.

sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=1
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in both and gnex port latest warehouse  installs but every repo added displays

Status : repo-not-available

Extra Details: Download (curl) error for 'http://sailfish.openrepos.net/.....repo.../repomd.xml':

Error code: Connection failed

Error message: Failed to connect to sailfish.openrepos.net port 80: Network is unreachable

But the internet works fine in every other app i installed via terminal, definitely its not a rom porting mistake, i tried disabling and reenabling all ports via ssu too, nothing works, could someone help me...

basil's picture

Unreachable network is a connectivity problem. Make sure, that http connections are not blocked. Run browser and try to access repository url. All other applications, can use https, and are not blocked. Also, make sure that dns gives you proper ip on your phone: compare it with one from pc.

pvkiniyan's picture

seems my browser automatically connects to https...pls help me to unblock http connections, i have no idea about that...

btw the i dont think ip is wrong too

also i manually tried https in repos via ssu ar still the same error stands with port 443

basil's picture

in terminal run the following command 'ping -n 4 openrepos.net', it should resolve address and pings should be accessable. Can you access this url from your phone browser? Does it list content of a directory?

pvkiniyan's picture

of course, the url is accessible and ping openrepos.net returns

yet warehouse app has the issue

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Run `pkcon refresh` from terminal as nemo user, and `zypper ref` as root user and check if there are any errors shown. If you dont have zypper installed, install it with `pkcon install zypper`.

pvkiniyan's picture

pkcon refresh returns error as in warehouse app

zypper refresh returns apps, hotfixes,jolla up to date and similar error for other added repos

basil's picture

If pkcon shows you an error, you either have problem in your ported rom, or in your network configuration, as package kit is unable to connect to server. Ensure that your date/time settings are correct. openrepos urls are redirected to https, i.e. http://sailfish.openrepos.net/... redirects to https://sailfish.openrepos.net/... for the actual data.

pvkiniyan's picture

in browser http is redirected to https..

date and time are correct..

the problem is warehouse worked for few mins when i initially flashed the rom and this issue suddenly happened while installing a package and it continues as a pain in the A**...

this seems to be a tough nut to crack...

the app seems prominsing during the moments i had it working..gr8 job bro...

do u have any other suggestions left

basil's picture

For now, you can try to replace all http urls for https ones, and check if it will work. ssu stores config at /etc/ssu/ssu.ini at [repository-urls] section.

pvkiniyan's picture

bro i am extremly sorry for time wastage, it warehouse works so good in another hotspot connection just not in my homw wifi.....i have no idea to check dns resolve blah..browser access the repos but not the app or pkcon or zypper thats my only concern

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the app doesn't respond when installing/ checking for updates. lighthouse shows that it uses 50% cpu. That seems too much. Noticed this after opting in for Uikutta

basil's picture

Known issue. Caused by qt & packagekit updates in uikutta. No resolution yet.